What do you think its worth?

(Brett) #21

This is not a question of whether its a wise financial investment or if you could buy one that is finished cheaper. That goes without saying.

But if you think it would cost $200,000 to restore it yourself, that’s just nuts.

(j limongelli) #22

You have my avatar at work…so that means your my age.
If you added the cost to restore WITH TIME AND LABOR, you would be very shocked.
But who cares, if its sold, it will be in boxes soon, before the rust eats through everything.
Or we hope.
My 65 mark2 with an original 43,000 miles was a joy to own.
3.4 right hand drive with a 4 speed and overdrive. I sold it for 50 grand 2 years ago, it maybe goes for 35/40 and I have every single piece of paper from new.
Its just the way things are going.
WYLDE8 Love ya!
P.S. I’m talking about the first car not the ebay car…

(Brett) #23

I certainly don’t want to guess what the cost would be to restore it with time AND labor. I fully concur that the cost would be astronomical.

When I first started working on my old Dodge Charger shortly after I got my license, I heard a piece of advice that has served me well over the years… When restoring a car, you get back $1 for every $3 spent on parts, and labor is worth nothing. Since then, I’ve always tried to keep that in mind which has kept me from thinking of my cars as investments. If I’m being honest with myself, I should fully expect to lose a ton of money on every old car I buy. If I break even or somehow make money, great, I got lucky. But I’m not doing it for the money. Its for that reason that I can look at a car like this, and while it would be a money pit, I can imagine someone who just enjoys working on old cars and doesn’t care about the money saving this one. Sometimes its easy to forget, but there are still plenty of us out there with that mindset.

(j limongelli) #24

Brett, I agree…

(Paul Wigton) #25

That’s either very old, or very optimistic…:wink:

(Homer Simpson) #26

Although the asking price is far too much for the condition it doesn’t look a bad car at all, i’m currently restoring a 2.4 auto and thats far worse, the entire chassis rails from the spring to the front crossmember need to be replaced.

The car in the listing is a very early MK2 with the 100PSI oil gauge and oil bath air cleaner which gives it some addition value/interest over a later car.