What do I use this XK-6 engine for NOW?

(Rob Reilly) #22

Love the early XK120/MarkVII fan and the gas headlamp buckets, but where’s the radiator?

(Tom Rutherford) #23

Good eye. The article said the radiator was under the bed so he could show off the fan & engine. good enough for parades.

(Raccoonman) #24

There’s much progress been made

(Paul Wigton) #25

This is gunna be awesome!!!

(Raccoonman) #26

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but “awesome” might be stretching reality by a little bit! It’snot going to look like the Bentley I wanted it to, it’s taking on a more “big fat Lotus 7” appearance. Which is fine by me, actually. Believe it or not, just like Indiana Jones, I’m making this up as I go along. The plans, such as they were, stopped at the cowl structure. Just trying to get symmetry and opening doors and a place to sit right now!

(Paul Wigton) #27

THAT, my friend, is the heart and soul of building a hot rod.

Remember how the builder of “Ol’ Yeller” did? Drew a chalkline on the shop floor, to make his self-described “junkyard dog,” which cleaned the clocks of cars costing MANY THOUSANDS more than his did!

(Raccoonman) #28

Yep, “Ol’ Yeller” and “Caballo de hiero” are both great inspirations to me!

(Lovell) #29

It fine. It’s yours.

What are you going to use to get it titled?

Is your state not to particular? I’ve seen States where a partial frame is utilized just for the VIN. Some states actually have a composite category.

Jaguar powered with Allard looks would not be bad.

(Raccoonman) #30

The new design might follow a more upright style re: Invicta. Mainly to avoid compound curves. And, I’d like to build the tub itself to be removeable in one piece.

(Michael Rogers) #31

I have JUST what you need! a LaDweari roadster on a 1957 Jaguar Mk-VII chassis licensed as a Jaguar roadster, it’s on my to do list BUT—I’ve several other projects underway so will make it available to someone with the interest, motivation and hopefully ability to finish it off, Google them to see what they look like


(Raccoonman) #32

Try as I might… nothing but “designer” clothing and an expensive line of watches result from a search. “Designer” being used in the broadest definition of the word.

(Keith Turner) #33

Autotune Aristocat kit car : https://www.autotuneuk.com/aristocat.html I built one nearly 20 years ago & it is still going strong!

(Raccoonman) #34

might be a challenge for my wallet!

(Paul Wigton) #35

La Dawri” …beauty be in the eyes of the beholder…:wink:


(Raccoonman) #36

The story of fiberglass sports car bodies from that era is indeed akin to untangling mating octopi… molds were sold, modified, lost, found, almost as if Douglas Adams was writing the story. The La Dwari seems to be one of the actual really good bodies and the company just had too many irons in the fire to keep it going. Not a bad looking car, really, in comparison with it’s competition from the time. The '70’s would see the birth of the truly ugly kit cars.

(Raccoonman) #37

Amazing that Chevrolet didn’t move to stop him using the double cove dash design… maybe it was “just different enough” to pass under the watchful eyes of GM’s trademark protection lawyers! I wouldn’t mind using a body like that if my car had a lower profile engine. That six is too tall by far for this design.

(Paul Wigton) #38

One of the worst…makes me ill.


(Raccoonman) #39

Oh, not so bad; it suffered from proportion issues and those gosh-awful faux wire wheels. Proper deep wires and wide whitewalls would have helped immensely. I was thinking more along the slab-sided VW-based abominations that were dime-a-dozen for a few years. Fiberfab churned them out by the hundreds.

(Raccoonman) #40

One of my personal favorites for worst overall execution is the Shay Model A. A forty-footer at best, it’s Pinto origins are all too obvious up close. Not that I dislike Pintos, I actually do like them in their original form.

(Raccoonman) #41

I’m still working on getting the steering column worked out from the rack to the area where the dash will eventually reside… not gonna be easy. Jag’s intermediate shaft has two end sizes, neither of which seems common outside Jaguars.