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Here is another reply via YouTube …

Jim; MOST IMPORTANT… I don’t know what the “S87” number means, but CAN tell you the “B” (notice the different font) is the Factory “Balance Mark” so the assembly fitters could fit, and dealer mechanics could refit (if removed) the Clutch Pressure Plate to the Flywheel in it’s proper “Factory Balanced” orientation. There would be a “B” stamped on the factory original Pressure Plate, as well… One can STILL purchase the Borg & Beck Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, Release Bearing for the XK as a complete set (at least in the US). You should replace the entire “assembly”… Just replacing the disc is false economy. the PPlate Springs get weak from use. On a different issue, The “Red Wash” you found in the Bell Housing area bolts would be “correct” for the XK120’s! The “red wash” colour showed the difference that some bolts were BSF, others were ANF. However, this was generally ONLY found on the “transition” (1953-1954) XK120’s ONLY!! No “factory correct” XK140 has been documented as ever having the “red wash bolts” as original. That said, if your 140 is a very early (late 1954) build date, then, in my opinion, it is possible for “carry over” to have some “Red Wash” bolts on your engine. As to the two books you have, the " Practical Classics… …on XK Jaguar Restoration" (called “The Yellow Book” by some of us in “The Colonies”) is a good “beginners” book that will give one an overall view of what all is involved in restoring an XK120 DHC from Frame-Up… It is NOT a detailed “Service Manual”… On your “Red Book”, the “Alternative Workshop” (manual?)… I can say this, it does NOT appear thick enough to be a proper Service Manual… You NEED to find the Proper (aka original) “Jaguar Service Manual for MKVII and XK120 Models” in the “RP.4” version (found on the bottom of the last page of the manual) THEN locate a “Factory Original” (or a high quality copy) of the XK140 Supplement. There are a LOT of Details in these two Service Manuals that you will NEED to know when starting your Engine Tear-Down as well as the Proper Specifications required in reassembling the XK Engine… DO NOT Trust that your neighborhood machine shop will know the proper specs to reassemble a 63+ year old engine!! This Is Critically Important!! I hope this is a help to you… I am in the process of finishing the complete overhaul/rebuild (and polishing of all the aluminum) on my 1953 XK120 DHC

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This question is why I asked if you would be so kind as to do the “water” test I mentioned in response to your second video…

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I have an idea who this might be.
My 1950 Mark V and 1951 XK120 have many red bolts and nuts, all with ANF threads.

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A YouTube reply…

Jim; One more thing about the Clutch “assembly”, if you “just” replace the disc or if you replace the entire assembly, you should have it rebalanced to the flywheel, pressure plate, etc… Likewise, if you tear-down the engine for a rebuild, before reassembly, you MUST have ALL “rotating parts” (of the engine) re-balanced! The longevity of your hard work depends on this procedure! Now for the “big favor”… While it might seem to be a mundane task, would it be possible for you to “document” all the “Red Wash” bolts? i.e. their exact locations, dia & length of bolt, if ANF or BSF (likewise ANC or BSC). quantity of each bolt/set screw, etc. (no such thing as “too much information”)… For those of us who are anal retentive about our XK Jaguars, this information would be a boon to all of us ;-} And, being on a '55 XK140 is a new revelation, best I can figure! On my '53 120, I have found “some” of the red wash bolts (even some “purple” bolts!), mostly for the front & rear suspension. Your finding these “red wash” bolts on the engine is like finding the Rosetta Stone!! I may have mentioned, I bought my DHC from the first owner in May 1967, drove it daily for eight years (I was in college part of this time) then decided to paint the car and repair the hood where it was tearing loose from the tacking strips… Well, one thing lead to another, in three weeks I ended-up with a totally bare chassis and a totally bare body and lots of small paper bags containing the “groups” of fasteners removed from various components… I spent years trying to “match-up” the physical fasteners with what is shown/written in the XK120 & DHC SPC’s… I learned real quick that the “book” and the “car” do NOT match even 75%… Of the thirty-two years my DHC sat disassembled, regretfully, only the bare body & chassis sat outside for a total of four year (two two year stints)… engine and ALL the DHC’s components were stored under enclosed cover, most of the time in a room in my house (wife loved that!!) Anyway, any and all help you can offer will be greatly appreciated… Thanks. Likewise, if needed, I can be of any (long distance) assistance, I will be more than glad to help. (was a professional “Heavy Line Mechanic”, automotive and motorcycles)

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It sounds like Charles Bishop is still out there even though he is not on Jag lovers anymore. That’s too bad. He is missed here.

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I had lots of the red wash bolts on my 120 but I don’t recall any on/in the engine.

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mains to block did on early 120 block