Vendors Category for Promotional Messages and Special Offers?

(Les Halls 1968 S1.5 2+2 Atlanta) #21

As another reference I use Rennlist for the 911. Vendors such as Pelican Parts are contributors (financial) and get into interesting discussions with the group. They, Pelican, even provide “how-to’s” on their site which I have personally used. When things go wrong, bad parts or inaccurate/incomplete guidance etc, the vendors openly discuss the issues on the site and everyone wins. I think it really depends on if EVERYONE, JL users and vendors, are made aware of the environment before joining the forum. I can only say that it seems to work very well on Rennlist.

(69 FHC ) #22

It also seemed to work well on the Miata site I belonged to and the MBWorld site I currently belong to.

(Ole Würtz) #23

I like the idea of a thread for vendors, but if the vendor should be allowed to advertise for free on a web forum that the members are paying for, there should be a discount for the members.
No offer should be listed with out a listed sales price and the discounted “Jag-Lovers” price.
There is no such thing as a free lunch.
Life experience …

(Gunnar Helliesen) #24

I don’t have a problem with that per se, but I don’t think it’s realistic for us to dictate how vendors price their stuff. We can certainly encourage it, though. What we can demand is that the vendors support Jag-lovers, which only seems fair.



We mustn’t forget who benefits from this - the advertisers. Most JL members know where and how to buy their parts/accessories/consumables - there are plenty of stockists and suppliers out there competing for our business. Longstone (and others no doubt) are keen to hitch a ride on the back of this forum for one reason only - because it makes good business sense for them (for which read, “makes them money”). And before I get the predictable reply “It benefits the members too” let me say I have never, in business, known a trader give anything away for free or at a price he doesn’t turn a good profit.

Lets not sell ourselves short here - we represent a market they would dearly love to crack.


(Gunnar Helliesen) #26

Les and John, you are absolutely correct. It was there, in various locations, but it should have been spelled out even more clearly. I’ve done my best to remedy that:

Thanks for your help!


(David Ahlers) #27

My initial reaction to the tire monger was that he “should buy an adv” and pay for it.
He was clearly over the line, and not for the first time.

If vendors want to advertise they should be able to as long as they $upport Jag-lovers and it doesn’t become obtrusive. Giving them a shameless commerce tab and 30 day lifespan for an adv will keep them coming back (if it works for them). If you’ve had a bad experience with the vendor don’t look at it or go with the “contact me off line” comment.

(jrinam) #28

other vehicle forums I am on have a section for buy and sell and seems to work well. more private owners than vendors but same idea. it keeps the categories on track and the buy/sell separate. I do remember a short phase here about 10 years ago where any post was followed by an offer to sell you parts, rebuild your parts or simply take your money. an example: my spoked rims leak air after sitting a few days and the response was "I have 4 new rims and tires I can sell you for slightly more than retail!

(Longstone) #29

Yes if members contact us we will give a discount to Jag Lovers, but you will have to ring us up, we can’t do it on t’internet. so please give us a tinkle and have a chat

00 44 1302 711123

Apologies to the people that do not like this kind of posting, but for those that find it useful look forward to talking to you

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Have you considered becoming a Patron? If you are going to feed at someone’s table shouldn’t you kick in a few bucks to help pay for the spread?

(Longstone) #31

I predominantly agree.

How much?

Would you like to email me, and discuss it? (i’m not sure if putting email addresses on here is a good idea. I think you end up getting a load of spam. but you know who i am, so if you could email me through my web site, i will probably be up for it).

(69 FHC ) #32

Simple. Scroll down to the botton of this page and you will see this:


Click on it and follow the instructions.

Note: Contributing doesn’t endow the participant with any kind of special posting powers.

(phillip keeter) #33

So, is that special on blinker fluid still going or am I too late?

(Paul Wigton) #34

You can it by the crate, here…:wink:

(phillip keeter) #35

RU kidding me? Wondering if they have left and right, front and back. It seems the more I leave my blinkers on, the more I need to replenish the reservoirs.

(Paul Wigton) #36

I think they carry universal fluid. Metric, too!!

(69 FHC ) #37

If you have LED signals you’ll need digital fluid. The analog fluid will work just fine for regular bulbs.

(David Jauch) #38

They say synthetic works for both, is that true? Mine leak a little so I buy it in bulk, if somebody wants a few gallons (metric) I can offer a discount, ring me up. Shipping to the colonies will cost you dearly, though.