[v12-engine] V12 Focus Manual

(John) #21

Please send me a copy too! Jagsandmgs@gmail.com

I will host and post the PDF on my web server to replace that bad link from 2004.

(Larry Carbol) #22

Just started working on the V12 in my E Type Series III. Would be very grateful to receive a copy! Thank you ever so much. Larry

(John) #23

Dave sent it, so I posted it here:


(rosendo) #24

Hi Joseph,
I am rebuilding an HE engine and I could certainly use the FOCUS book. Please email me the .pdf to rosendojf@gmail.com.
Much obliged and all the best to you.

(TameCAT) #25

Rosendo -
The link you see just above works - at least it did two days ago when I hit it.

(Dr.Quail/ Jon Wallace) #26

Would appreciate a copy of the Focus Manual to add to my library for the V12, please send to my e-mail add. jwk1953 @hotmail.com. Thanks in advance for your kind reply. I have Kirby’s book on PDF “Experience in a Book” if any one needs it or would be happy to copy it to a mamory stick and mail if needed. Best, JW

(Victor) #27

Hi, I got myself a 1985 XJ12 and I would really appreciate having a copy of the shop manual to help fix some issues with the car. Could you send it at sullivan.victor@outlook.com

Thanks a lot!


(JimD in Alabama) #28

John. Saw this on the v12 forum about the FOCUS manual. Possible for you to send pdf file to me at jim.d@roadrunner.com? Or send me a new link?

Thanks in advance

(John) #29

The old link still works fine. If you can’t get it to work I will mail you a copy when I’m home.

(JimD in Alabama) #30

tried putting Www.chsorgan.org/v12Focus.pdf into my browser and went nowhere. If you can email as pdf I would be appreciative

(ronbros) #31

i’m still trying to figure out why someone would put a PONY in his car???

(Ron) #32

This is a reply to an old post, and I am new to the forum (just bought a V12) but I would certainly appreciate receiving a pdf of the V12 Focus Manual. Thanks! E-mail is: ron_catton@yahoo.com

(BobboSD) #33

Just sent it to you privately.

(Ron) #34

Bob, Thank you very much.

(Pidur Pidur) #35

I got myself a 1982 XJS and would appreciate having a copy of the manual ? Could somebody send me it ?


Hi Bob,

I’ve been hunting around for the V12 Focus Manual without much luck, links not working etc.

When you get a minute, if you (or anyone) wouldn’t mind shooting a copy to stewart@flatback.com I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance and regards.


(Tom Dinger) #37

Hello all,
I would also like a copy of the V-12 Focus manual if someone would be kind enough to email me at tdinger@white-brook.com.

Thanks in advance


(Jeff Hall) #38

If still possible may I please have a copy of the manual
Thank you

(Gregor Eichenberger) #39

May I also have a copy of the manual?
Thank you

(jerald) #40

Hello, May I have a copy of the manual? Thanks rmccabe20@hotmail.com