TEFBA coolant filter revisited

(pknellie (aka Trev)) #21

One of Tefba’s features is that most of the space that they take up is where they replace the radiator hoses (see pic). Other features are that they are accessible, easy to clean and require no tools.

(Kaden) #22

I wouldn’t recommend a spin-on filter bypass unit as a silver bullet for a neglected cooling system but on a functional system it will improve over time by catching the sediment, I mentioned before I shop-vac’ed the rad and backflushed which did dislodge many bits and pieces.

My concern was the stop-leak gunk people used to put in the cars which clogs the lower half of the rad, it may be different on other people’s cars but that was my overall concern which prompted me to add in proper filtration. In the picture I attached that was my 2nd filter and still catching shit so that gives you an idea of how bad it can be.

(scrimbo) #23

I have had that op 3 times (singles) …as i got older recovery was slower each time…don’t lift much anymore.

(pknellie (aka Trev)) #24

They used Good quality flywire on mine… much the same as I use on my XJS grill. All three still holding up


(pknellie (aka Trev)) #25

Kaden. ….Prior to my Tefbas being fitted.
My radiator was sent to the shop and rodded etc.
New radiator and heater hoses fitted.
New thermostats fitted.
Fitted new dual electric fans and new dual temp sensors fitted.
The water pump was stripped down and serviced.
The block was flushed multiplel times until the water ran consistently clear.

Dual Tefbas were fitted as the radiator people informed me that a constant flow of heated water may bring out more silica over a period of time even though the motor was thoroughly flushed clear. They were right!.. this silica lines the inner walls of the block following the casting and may come off at any time… even 36 years later. If I had fitted your system to my “non-neglected cooling system” instead of the Tefbas, those rocks, as you term them, would now be in my radiator flutes. I’m not sure how you can be confident that this didn’t happen to you. Maybe when you get your radiator rodded down the track all will be revealed.
In the meantime drive safe and have a Merry Christmas.
Cheers Trev

(JLo) #26

I will
Give these a shot. I noticed nobody on the list using these probably because they are so large.

Just holding them, they appear high quality aluminum. They are quite heavy for the size. Looking forward to seeing how they work out.

The drivers side “B bank” will be fun as I will need to route it a little differently in order to fit my sensor in as well.

(pknellie (aka Trev)) #27

What brand are those

(JLo) #28

I got online from Jegs. Kirby had attached a link some time ago along with others.


That is a sensible design and a reasonable size.

I looked them up. Champion cooling systems.

James, is the item labeled “32 mm” your sensor? What’s its function?

(Aristides Balanos) #30

This is what I have installed.
They are made out of aluminium and they have a brass screen inside.
I like the fact that they have a large filter area, plus they look good !
The only drawback is that they have to be removed to be cleaned, i.e. drain and refill…


(pknellie (aka Trev)) #31

A pain-in-the-a when dropping the coolant level a little to check the filters is the loss of coolant and mess that arises due to the difficult position of the radiator tap and drain stopcock. Firstly I fabricated a removable tool out of Al tubing to get to the tap at the top. Secondly I fitted a 6ins section of heater tube as a penis from the drain end of the stopcock at the bottom so it’s stream clears the front end. A hose clamp holds it in place. (Roxanne is now androgynous).
Checking the filters now only takes a couple of minutes, the coolant can be recycled and in my experience there is no trapped air to be bled.

(JLo) #32

I have one spliced into each upper coolant hose. It required different hoses on B bank to make it work and cutting of air box.
I installed each after each coolant filter. They connect to a dual digital temp guage.
This will allow me to monitor temp of each bank at a glance.
Should one temp rise, I can suspect one of the filters clogged.

(DavetheLimey) #33

James, just thinking out loud here- if your sensors were placed BEFORE the filters, if a filter became plugged up, and water flow diminished as a result and heated up, perhaps that might be a better warning scheme. (?)

(Paul Wigton) #34

My day is now complete.


(pknellie (aka Trev)) #35

Apologies, I may have inadvertently iniated an inappropriate image… the penis actually points inward toward the centre of the engine bay and not out the front… but then again…perhaps an alternative for the leaper…

(JLo) #36

Yes Dave that is true especially if they were clogged enough not to allow any coolant flow for that filter-be best to install sensors before filter. However I hope to catch anything well before that point of obstruction!