Starting my S1 XJ6 LS1 swap

(Paul Wigton) #121

Agreed: bumperless is best!

(phillip keeter) #122

Could you imagine placing a bumper on this? Bumpers are for golf carts and tug boats.

(JAY COOLE) #123

fresh off the dyno. came in a bit lower than expected. no where to go but up.
needed a baseline and needed it to run/drive so i didn’t have to keep a foot on the gas pedal at stoplights.
was dyno’d in second gear. shop said they have seen too many ls conversion driveshafts come apart in 3rd on the dyno.
so add maybe 10-15 hp for not 1:1 gearing.
the stock intake and stock exhaust are killing the power. next will be an ls6 intake and some custom long tube headers and 350-375-ish at the rear wheels. then a set of heads.
when the shop puts up the video on their you tube channel, i’ll put up a link

(JAY COOLE) #124

on the dyno at about the 8 minute mark