Starting my S1 XJ6 LS1 swap

(David Jauch) #81

You got me confused with SI and III. On the SI the pumps should do.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #82

I have a cannister in my parts stuff. I’ll try to remember to look. I think I can recognize “which end is up”. A bit of a pun!!!

It’s dark out and, I don’t like to go in Billy territory in the dark. He is possessive!!!


(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #83

Daylight came. Topped off Billy’s water bucket and refreshed his hay bucket. He began chomping immediately.

Garage door nearby. Brought in the GM cannister from a parts shelf.

Alas, a bit different than yours, similar, but different. Mine has no pipe in the center nor at the side.

Three hose spigots atop. Marked. Purge, tank and the other, I can not make out.

It came with my GM “package”. The Jaguar unit remains deep in the wheel well. I merely connected the line that went to the DOHC tot he purge on the Lt1.



going to run the S1 charcoal can open loop for now. i have an S3 i can put can i put under the passenger fender if need be, or source a GM one from the local boneyard.

kinda struggling now with where to best mount the computer. initially i was going to put it where the battery was and move the battery to the trunk. the more i think about it, the less i like that idea.
there isn’t much room under the passenger side dash. glove box is barely big enough for a pair of proper driving gloves and a pair of sunglasses, so that’s out.
i think i will try mounting under the passenger seat if the wire harness is long enough. going to lay it out later today and have a good think about it.
anyone have any suggestions?

(Roger Mabry) #85

If the wires will reach, put a firewall hole with a rubber insert and build a box under the passenger carpet
area (the upright one)… losing a couple of inches of legroom will not hurt.

I put mine in the position in the photo on my '72 LT1/700R…engine%20from%20drivers%20side%20with%20cold%20air%20kit

(phillip keeter) #86

Mine is in the same position. Battery is in trunk and has not been a problem. This battery position even allowed me to use a bigger battery for extra cranking. It seems to me that easy access to the computer is more critical than to the battery.
PS. let me know if you need a photo of battery location.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #87

I did it differently. The nicely ribbed alloy case is designed to live in the engine bay. In the donor car, it was in a plastic box in the left front of the engine bay. The washer bottle in my S3 is located there. I considered moving it to make room. but, also to mount an airbox or leaner there. neither took place.

I designed and fabricated a cradle to susend it from the wing braces. Kinda like an air cleaner would have been were it a carb’d SBC. displays the nicely ribbed alloy box. But, I had to dispense with the triangular air resonance box. I don’t mind the “whoosh”.

My harness wold not have been long enough to enter the cabin and the connectors too big for that aperature under the battery.

So far, no issues at all.

Andrew describes his first lump as involving a lot of splice and solder to get the PCM under the passenger seat. including sourcing GM color coded wire for the splices.



my harness is plenty long, which is part of the reason i don’t want to mount in the engine bay. to much wire to tie up.
guess in hind sight, i should have planned it out before i ordered and could have specified what length i needed.


getting closer. engine side wiring done
just need to tidy up the wiring with some loom and zip ties


think i’ll take the advice here and mount the computer against the firewall flat with the fuse panel to the right, and OBDII port under the tray on passenger side. i plan to make a panel to cover it and protect it a bit.
still need to wire in the dash side
then another $1000 in exhaust, a few hundred $ for an alignment, another 500 to convert the speedometer to electronic, then probably a dyno tune to make it right.
i’m likely at the edge of limits for the 5/16 stock fuel feed and will likely change to to 3/8. we shall see


here’s the cam card for what’s buried in the ls1. coupled with the 28-3000 stall converter and 354 rear it should get down the road pretty good. cam was ground on EPS lobes

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #92


Looking great. It oughta run like stink!!! enjoy the trip to the muffler shop. Open exhaust, One of the benefits of the intense work/ And for the car, a sign of passage.

The connectors to your PCM and the unit itself seem smaller than mine, and as such make the cabin location a great place.

I installed the OBD port in the engine bay. along side my after market blade type fuse box. Each a part of my after market harness.

Curiosity ? What is the “chunk of alloy” just aft of the passenger side shock shaft and nut?

As to the tidy up f loose wires, I’ve doe it a couple of times. First in tape. And then in zip ties. I liked the tape best!!! Will I undo and redo. probably not!!!

Nice pictures. We always enjoy them.


(Robin O'Connor) #93

are my eyes playing up Carl? I cannot see anything out of place on the passenger side behind the shock nut?
Split corrugated tube makes a good tidy up for wiring.


i do not see anything on the passenger side either?
and yes, i plan to use split corrugated tube and some black cloth tape
something like this… if german stuff can be used on a british car with an american engine

(Robin O'Connor) #95

Why not?make it a complete mongrel :wink:


don’t forget my coil springs from Australia…
i suspect the radio it will get will be made in china unless i go german there as well with blaupunkt. are they still making stuff?:thinking:

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #97

Robin and Jay.

  1. I looked again. It is my eyes. a light spot in the bay wall seemed like alloy. Solved.

  2. The split tube covers a lot f wire in my bay. Works fine. Had I known of the cloth tape I might have gone there. I think that there are genric brands not only MBZ.

  3. Our Jaguars left Coventry with a lot of “furrin” parts. Borg Warner, Saginaw or Dana, Delco, Harrison, Champion.

  4. My dear departed delighted in her poodles. The rest of us joked that she and the dogs ere the only pure breds in the house and the rest of us mere ,mutts. Mutts as a term seems more genteel than mongrel. The latter a bit of a downer…

Oh, I forgot. An Italian had something to do with the S 3 car’s redesign !!

I refer to mine as English elegance, with Italian flair and American power. All complimentary…

Carl .

(Robin O'Connor) #98

Well now I’m feeling miffed, what’s wrong with lilltle ‘ole NZ there must be something you want from us. How about some nice sheepskin car seat covers ???


Can i fill the boot with fine New Zealand lamb and wine?:sheep::wine_glass:
would that suffice?

(Robin O'Connor) #100

Yeh that would worK :slight_smile: