Started something

(Jag-ur) #41

please put me in your will

(69 FHC ) #42

There is another little known law. It’s the Tool and Equipment Buyers Law. Go buy something at Harbor Freight, assemble it, toss the packaging and receipt and t’s guaranteed to go on sale the next week for about 25% less than I paid. Oddly, this doesn’t seem to happen to me at other stores selling tools.

PS: Their MIG welder cart is a pretty decent piece of equipment for the $39.99 I paid two weeks ago; it’s better than decent at today’s advertised price $29.99. :sob:

(Paul Wigton) #43

No, but I have a passel of GE Mazda headlight bulbs, in original packaging…:wink:

(Raccoonman) #44

Such is the lot of the impecunious lover of old and rare (read: trouble-prone and hard to get parts for) cars. When I’ve owned simple American cars (my choice of poison is Ford Falcons) they have been unloved and unwanted; as soon as I divested myself of my last one (a '69 sedan) prices went ballistic and projects seemed to evaporate. Same situation when I had MG’s and Triumph Spitfires, but there are still relatively affordable projects to be had in those models. Even oddballs like Austin Devons are popping up, as well as a Mk10 not far away and supposedly in fair nick for an inop.

(Lovell) #45

Do you have inside storage?

The value of the running gear is minor compared to what you are learning.

Yes, I know of lack of ambition…I usually revert to finishing a motorcycle to recharge my batteries. Something about smaller victories leading to wins quicker.

(Raccoonman) #46

Got a local enthusiast trying to convince himself to buy the project as it sits. And, no, no inside storage. One of my poorer decisions was buying a house without a proper garage.