Started something

(Raccoonman) #21

Paul, you may have hit on something there… I see almost NO compound curves AT ALL except the wings and I have an idea for making those from steel 55gal drum sections

(Lovell) #22

Greetings All,

Not to be a Davy Downer…but

Jaguar had the diff cage mounted via rubber mounts. I think you might find the cage will fatigue and crack and fail, if rigidly mounted.

(Paul Wigton) #23


The only major difference was, the Invicta was underslung, but some of that could be recreated in a lowered (channeled) body.

(Raccoonman) #24

Making slow progress on the frame this weekend; fabricated and welded in radius arm mounts and added covers to them to keep dirt, grease, etc out.

(Lovell) #25

Do you have winter where you are?

How goes the build?

(Raccoonman) #26

Actually, the build has more or less ceased. Not for the weather, it’s actually quite mild right now. I just don’t have the drive to finish it. And, sadly, it seems that nothing is as worthless as an XJ6 engine and running gear.

(Paul Wigton) #27

Naw: Try selling Rover parts…:persevere:

(Raccoonman) #28

It’s been my humbling experience that, whatever I own, once I try to sell it, it loses all value. Case in point: gold coins. Gold itself has bullion value, and coins have values established by dealers. Good luck trying to get anything near either one. I was asked if I would sell JUST THE CYLINDER HEAD from the 4.2. What would I do with the rest of the engine? The transmission? Hmmph. I’ve lost count of how many parts cars I’ve bought just for a single item or even a few, knowing that I could barter or sell the rest. I refuse to break down a running XK engine so someone can have a spare head (no, he “didn’t really need it right now”, but he’d “do me a favor”)…

(David Langley) #29

The gold coin business is the career of choice for those who can’t meet the exacting ethical standards of the business of selling drugs to teenagers. In this world there are Buyers and Sellers. It seems that, like me, you are a Buyer, at the mercy of any Seller who passes our way…

(Paul Wigton) #30

Buy high, sell low: am I missing something?


(David Ahlers) #31

My stock broker’s phone number, Wiggy.

(Jag-ur) #32

isn’t that why they are called brokers?

(Paul Wigton) #33

…cheeky monkey.


(69 FHC ) #34

In most cases the buyer holds the ultimate power of just walking away.

(tony) #35

there is a clear natural law…if YOU urgently need a rare part for an old car, any for sale will be ridiculously priced and/or a POS.

If you want to sell such, no one will be needing that item, at that time…but after you sell it for peanuts…give, swap, or even throw away, someone will desperately want one

This and other forums do level the playing field in recent years

(Jag-ur) #36

been there … ANYBODY GOT A LUCAS 199 BULB IN A GREEN BOX NOS ??? The very last thing I need for my MRO for the 120. Then I’ll have to find something else to play with :wink:

(tony) #37

it can get frustrating…some old fella will have BOXES of NOS ex-dealer stock, in his dusty old shed, or even one, and when he croaks, someone will throw them in the skip

I wrecked an early '51 MKVII, and kept all the original bolts, bulbs, and especially hose clamps, which are original, mainly Cheney, but some TEX, with a view that some XK owner may want them in future

(Jag-ur) #38

that’s how I got my MRO in the first place… it was 1 day away from the recycle bin

(Jag-ur) #39

like these ?

(tony) #40

I know its horribly ghoulish, but when aforementioned owner does croak,
it is wise to make it known asap that one wishes to purchase spare parts & tools

unfortunately, some relatives are only too happy to throw away old car part “junk”

I have begun marking parts with the Jaguar part num, and my son has an app that can photo and categorise them, that way, he can Ebay them…their is a guy in Florida USA, who sells a lot of rare Jag stuff in a similar way