Mk2 rookie have no clue about it please help

(Robin O'Connor) #41

The clutch pedal would be dumb in that it is not connected to anything other than the brake pad, the pedal box in the engine bay would have a blanking plate to stop any fumes entering the cabin.

(Andrew Waugh) #42


Jaguars were “made to a price”, i.e. they were produced as inexpensively as possible. One of the ways they did this was to re-use parts from one model to the next, so you find the same parts used on many different Jaguars.

Taking your pedal box as an example, if they had made a different pedal box for the automatic then the cost would have been making a new mold, and a different machining process for that part. By using the original 3 pedal casting, they saved those costs, and just didn’t install the hydraulic cylinder for the clutch (I think there is a stamped steel blanking plate instead), and made a different (wider) brake pedal which is just a punched steel part.

The result is that they saved production as well as inventory costs, which allowed them to keep the price down.

(TheoSoares) #43

If you look at your car, see if there are two levers connected to your brake pedal. If there are, then you already have a clutch pedal, just no Master Cylinder as described above. My car has this setup, the mounting plate for the MC is covered by a steel plate, and there’s nothing connected to the “third” pedal, but it’s bolted to a large brake pad. By unbolting the brake pad and installing two small separate pads, and removing the MC cover, you can install a Master Cylinder without having to do anything else to the pedal box.

(PeterCrespin) #44

I have seen the double-pedal Mk2 brake but wasn’t sure if it was factory. I’ve had half a dozen different types on manual pedal box and in every case the manual and auto were the same casting, with either an unmachined clutch master area or machined but blanked off. It was also the same casting for LHD/RHD with just a different pedal offset.
I only have an X300 and XJ40 three-pedal boxes left now if anyone wants one cheap. I’d make myself another manual supercharger XJR6 if I knew how the factory configured the ECU to run with no transmission computer.

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hey jose how long since the engine ran ? …be careful regarding old engine oil …sludge may be a problem for you

(Josecrivelli) #46

The last time I moved the car was 5 months ago if I remember correctly

(Peter Lalchere) #47

5 months is reasonable …hey jose it was just a gentle warning …I have seen engines die from using oil that’s been in there for a long time even though it “looked” ok…before you do serious mileage in it dump the old stuff that’s all…cheers