MK2 Jaguar Pictures!

(Ian) #102

I got a phone call one day , asking if I could weld the back wheel back on a Spitfire !
After a thought , I said yes long as it was not at 3000ft lol

(Paul M. Novak) #103

That was very nice of them to land it in your driveway for the repair. Very good pilot?


(Ian) #104

Don’t think they would have let me lose on a real one Paul , it is a display Spit , they was moving it when the back wheel support snapped off , look’s good on my CV lol

(Ian) #105

Picture Caption time !
“yes love but why do you need a hand getting out the jag” :telephone_receiver::thinking:


(Rob Reilly) #106

“Weal Sah, d’ye want me to put the bracelets on ‘im fer breakin’ an’ enterin’?”
“No, PC31, this is a case of not braking.”

(wardell) #107

Dunlop brakes I presume?

((Paul)) #108

Mamma Mia…
My screensaver images overfloweth!

Pastries look wonderful.
Always thought I’d end up in the UK as a kid…

(Ian) #109

Want to have a look underneath , no problem sir !!
it’s for sale on e-bay :thinking:!

(Paul Wigton) #110

For god’s sake… dont show this to the purcasher of my E Type: @Andrew_Waugh can understand.