MK2 Jaguar Pictures!

(Ian) #82

Me and my first MK2 , over 40 years ago now , I scrapped it after stripping it down to a shell , still have lots of the parts :roll_eyes:

(Ian) #83

Nice and Sunny in Maidstone UK , today , nice drive out and a cup of Tea and Sausage roll :relaxed:

(TheoSoares) #84

Just added some decals to, I think, finish the touring car tribute look… Next up is converting the auto to a stick shift.

(Tigger) #85

Hi Ian,

You might need to clarify your comment for our colonial friends - did you mean a roll made of tea and sausage?


(Tigger) #86

I have a spare set of wires - so tempted to have them powder coated black - this might persuade me.

(TheoSoares) #87

I absolutely love the look I think it gives the car tons of attitude and makes it feel a lot sleeker than chrome. These are MWS 15x6 steel wires painted black.

(Phil.Dobson) #88

(Rob Reilly) #89

Is that Maidstone RAF base? My dad served there in '43.
Couldn’t find it on gooflemaps.

(Ian) #90


(Ian) #91

Rob , Picture was taken at Headcorn Aerodrome , just out side Maidstone

Only base I know about is RAF Detling

(Tigger) #92

Sorted. (Post must be at least 20 characters).

(The Jag Man) #93

Are these pastries also known by the name of Cornish pasties. I recall as a youth stopping by a pup and getting cornish pasties as a snack after our horse riding lessons. Always took the MK2.


(Ian) #94

No , nothing like !! th%5B3%5D

Cornish pasty

(Paul Wigton) #95

Ah… tapas!!!

(phillip keeter) #96

should have had that brake job done!

(Paul M. Novak) #97

He rebuilt that master cylinder himself, but did have a few extra pieces left over afterwards. :slight_smile:


(Paul Wigton) #98

After the rebuild…or after the triple gainer, 1 and a half, in and out, off the cliff?


(Rob Reilly) #99

Thanks, that must have been it. A quarter mile or so northeast of Detling so a couple of miles from Maidstone. I see there is a RAF memorial in Detling.

(Ian) #100

Rob , I work for The Stone Shop , we do a lot of War Memorials , that is one of our jobs !
Gordon who I work for , his father was based at Detling ! 2272996_f6930f47%5B1%5D

(Rob Reilly) #101

Very nice! My dad refueled Spitfires and folded and packed parachutes. A couple of officers gave him very nice gifts for packing their chutes correctly.