MK2 Jaguar Pictures!

(Ian) #62

The 2.4 made £2100 , and come with V8 parts as well , it was in Scotland !

(William Hall) #63

A couple of interesting youtube videos titled:-

  1. ‘Convertible Red 1958 Jaguar MK1’
  2. ‘Videos of Jaguar MK11s at Royal Windsor Jaguar Festival’
    About 6 mins into this video there is a very interesting MK2 with flared wheel arches.
    Being an ‘ancient’ I have not mastered the art of directing you to the sites but I can appreciate the work that people put into their projects.
    It would be interesting to know if the MK1 as a 2 door hardtop would have been stiff enough to keep the original unibody.
    Hope you can find the sites.


(Ian) #64

Is this it Bill ,

(William Hall) #65

Yes. Amazing how quickly you found them. Many thanks.
Years ago I would buy Hot Rod magazines and look at the work people would put into creating their chopped and channeled cars. I still get a kick out of seeing some grey hair out for a spin in his pet.
I have to get back at my project.

(Paul Wigton) #66

That chop job is…oddly nice!!

(Scott) #67

Not a fan of big arches, Roof chops etc, Mk2’s look perfect standard or with subtle changes like ‘coombes’ style rear spats/ Arch profile IMO.

(Paul Wigton) #68

AGREED:a much more conforming bubble flare would have looked better.

(il conte) #69

Hi! Here’s mine (and the Whole family on) from Andria - Italy

(The Jag Man) #70

Moto Bella Giuseppe C.

(MarkII) #71

Here is my father’s 1963 MK2 in 1964. He gave it to me in1976 and I owned it until 1985. Together we put 230,000+ miles on it!

(The Jag Man) #72

You might check the forum vin lists and see who owns it now.


(Mister Mitch) #73

Take out to the ball game…take me out for a ride (in a mk2)…take me for a ride in the country…(where)

I can dream can i not


(Ian) #74

Not a MK2 , but close !!

(Ian) #75

" yes darling , the sat nav may have said go straight on BUT "

(The Jag Man) #76

Nice bit of Photoshop as there is not a scratch on the front end!


(Tigger) #77

It’s a genuine picture - some form of civic art somewhere - you can see the supporting steels holding the car.

(Paul Wigton) #78

In Bordeaux…:smiling_imp:

(rod) #79

looks like the same pic look at the tree in both pics

(Homer Simpson) #80

My 1959 MK2 3.8 - The first 3.8 built and originally allocated to Claude Baily.

The car was used for engine development work until at least 1961.

(Ian) #81

maybe not it’s up for sale on E-bay