MK2 Jaguar Pictures!

(rod) #42

hi guys no l havn’t driven it yet,…l keep finding things to modify or change.
as for the tcking engine l havn’t tuned it as yet
best regards all

(Ian) #43

My MK2 around 3 years back , car has been in this Garage for some 30 years !

(The Jag Man) #44

She is still in there? I have room in my garage if you want!


(Ian) #45

No , its on the road now , its the first pic in MK2 Jaguar Pictures :sunglasses:

(Phil Turnbull) #46

My 1962, 2.4 back in the day. Don’t be fooled by the paint, plenty of rust under there. BTW the Cortina isn’t mine but the boy is.

(Scott) #47

Here’s mine, 64 3.8 O/D, On it’s winter wires the day before it’s missfire started! (Yes, The screw on drivers door mirror is coming off! Fitted by a PO)

(The Jag Man) #48

Looks nice

This BRIGHT orange would not be good for Jaguars!
GTO paint work coming along nicely - A bit off topic but…


(Paul Breen pay palled it) #49

We have a 4.2 in the bride’s XJ6. It’s a great engine but definitely more “typewriters in the room next door” sounding than the 3.4 in the Mk2. The 4.2 has one ticking valve - and that’s after a professional rebuild. At some stage I will pull the cover and check clearances, not worried. Better to be a bit wide than close. Paul

(BrianDD) #50

My 240/Mk2, May 1969.

(Ian) #51

I like door mirrors , fitted a small one to mine :sunglasses:20160801_124039%20-%20Copy

(The Jag Man) #52

I too bought a door mirror for the MK2 and it was the best $20 I ever spent on the car.


(Scott) #53

Thats exactly the shape and size i want, Nice looking MK2 you have.

(Pete55Tbird) #54

My 1967 420. My wife was very amused. Pete

(Paul Wigton) #55

I like the wheels!! Gives it a nice proletariat look!

(Ian) #56

2 MK2’s on e-bay this week

(The Jag Man) #57

Are those holes in the front fenders to keep the engine running cool? To think that was once a beautiful car!

Basically just a parts car as she sits.


(The Jag Man) #58

Lets start showcasing a collection of the rustiest relics we find. This one is back on EBay.


(Robin O'Connor) #59

Hmm not an ‘S’ type, just sayin

(Scott) #60

If the front wings are that bad imagine what the structures like! Could’nt find it on Ebay. The green ones been for sale for ages on various sites, Looks like it was in damp storage and Is rotten as a pear.

(Scott) #61