MK2 Jaguar Pictures!

(tbones) #21

Mark 2s can go across hot deserts as long as they are watered well! And go across the Rocky Mountains with a little perspiration.

(Ian) #22

Car 211 , 1 carful owner ? lol

(Brian T) #23

Our 1963 3.8 Litre Mark 2 Saloon photographed at the 2017 Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Show.

( #24

looks like it was taken at Vista del Mar

( #25

Since many listers are including their wives, here’s a photo of the Mrs. peering out of the passenger window while parked in Malibu CA. The car was sold new in California in 1967, the color is ‘honey beige’ with a red interior.

(Peter Harris) #26

(Pierre) #27

My 1960 MK2, Adelaide South Australia.

(TheoSoares) #28

MRCHB - Yep, VDM one of the best beach cruises imaginable. Never gets old.

(Tigger) #29

I am so tempted to get the wires on my car powder coated black when I see images like this.

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #30

Here’s a token interior - our '63. Paul

(Jeff Smith) #31

FYI, not really a Mk2, but close enough…

(Dean) #32

Another interior shot, this one of my 3.8

(Ian) #33

I picked up this old 15 inch Moto-lita wheel a few months back , not sure how old it is , they took a bit more time making them back in the old days , you can’t see the alloy from the out side rim , all wood !

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(Robin O'Connor) #35

Hmm ‘S’ type with MK11 rear arches :frowning:

(oldstype) #37

My '65 SType’s rear wheel arches were modified the same way by the previous owner. I really like the modification, because now you can get the rear wheels on and off and it is possible to fit slightly wider tires. The repair panel, available for a front fender, has been welded into the rear wheel arch. I may have replied to the wrong photo when I made this comment, my apologies. I intended this comment to appear next to the photo of the SType with the rear wheel arch modification.

(oldstype) #38

The repair panel that is available for front wheel arches has been welded into the rear wheel opening. I have an SType that has this same modification. I really like it because the rear wheels are much easier to get on and off. I think it improves the lines of the car and allows for more options on tire sizes that will fit.

(rod) #39

hi guys
been a while since l last posted, so here is a bit of an up date for my not so standard any more mk2
cheers all


Wow! I thought my engine bay was crowded! You put me to shame.

(TheoSoares) #41

That is amazing. Have you driven it? Is it wicked?

Also - your motor has a very distinct tick. My new 4.2 has a similar sound. Is that a 4.2 thing or is it a shim out of spec or are you not worried about it?