[Lumps!] 1960 Jaguar MK2 " Bonus Trap" , not a restoration

(Paul Wigton) #21

With all the cage, is this intended as a track car?

(Clyde77XJ12L) #22

This started out with the idea to build a period rally car, or sedan class track car look alike. In about four months time it continued to morph. Then it got totally out of hand.
To answer you question, I may do some auto cross with it, and plenty of street time.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #23

Seems more like a Maseratti bird cage in Jaguar skin.


(Paul Wigton) #24

Oh, to make it a Maser, it’d need 600 more feet of 1/2” tubing!


When I was a kid, I saw two Tipo 61s, racing at CDR: I was lovestruck! I was prolly 5-7, at the time.

I wanted them both, and Dad asked me how I was going to afford them (at the time, the TWO were available for $8000), and I told him I was going to solve the mysteries of sunspots, win the Nobel Prize, and buy’em!!


With the ponies he’s stuffing into that Jag shell, that cage looks just adequate.

Cant wait to see it all done!

(Clyde77XJ12L) #25

Carl & Paul,
I didn’t get the “bird cage”, now with Paul’s link I do. Thanks!

I can always short shift it to keep it under control. The Windsor is making 573 HP at 5000 with 602 ft/lb of torque.

What I really need to do is focus and get back in the garage 5-6 hours a day.

Thanks for looking