Looking for a refurbished Differential (LSD)

(swallow_che) #21

I just went to a mechanic for checking the pinion.

God lucky! The noise wasn’t from the diff… (there still is some boiling(?) noise from diff though)

It was from the right rear wheel.

I found this article from this forum.

Sounds like exact same as mine but only mine is not cured.

I am guessing that it’s from the caliper or handbrake shoe?

Hub bearings are new, btw

(Andrew Waugh) #22

Or this:

It’s just a bit of 1/4" barstock with a hole to suit the flange bolt in it (the other end has a smaller hole for larger flanges).

(Grooveman) #23

Andrew …

Yes you definitely need something like that to keep the differential from turning… but you still need some serious leverage to tighten the piñon bolt …