Lets build a 1967 e type together

(Ben E) #84

Replacing the tank is an interesting approach. I ALWAYS get the distributor rebuilt, and the radiator professionally serviced on a “new to me” classic car.

That repro tank does look nicely made, and $395 is very reasonable.

I wonder what they are coated with…E-coat? I have a friend who used one of those “slosh kits” on a very complex fuel tank he fabricated, and it quickly peeled off, and started blocking his pick-up. He ended up having to cut the entire bottom off the tank, scrape it out, and weld it back up.

(j limongelli) #85

I cannot tell a lie…
Always doing these tanks is a BEAR.
The results are great and basically done for life but…
I’m bleeding
The sending unit was not in the package so tomorrow it will be done
Fuel injected / ethanol safer hoses
Stainless bolts and washers
Modern clamps
Su upgrade pump for now , I use Honda pumps for decades , we shall see
Like the details?
Original batting back in makes it nice

Ps the crap repro rubber grommets are way too hard and big
I used shock bushes from parts store they are wonderfull

(Erica Moss) #86

Purdy, shame it will
covered up

(Is this some manner of Jaguar Haiku?)

(j limongelli) #87

Ben that’s exactly what happened to the 56
Last owner did the same it clogged Everything up when it peeled off as well
The original stuff was for rust not ethanol
Eric I called hagerty
He is creating a Gtjoey Jaguar only insurance class
I’m playing with you…
Now get wrenching your over thinking our last decades on earth?
Having fun

That’s me two years ago
New York to Alaska and back in 10 days!
We hit a deer …oops

(j limongelli) #88

Thanks Erica, I agree…

(Ole Würtz) #89

Congratulations on your new E-type.
I find it the best looking shape of all the E’s.

Cheers … Ole

(Paul Wigton) #90

You did the AlCan, in a Jag??

OK… that’s hero stuff!!


(j limongelli) #91

Worse the Aston Vanquish…….That had a 5% shot of making 8,000 miles…
That was my last book Me and My Vanquish.

(j limongelli) #92

Uploading: IMG_8007.JPG…
I’m going with the repro plate as it is coated for the gas but a little bending has to be done
We shall see
It all looks wonderful
Tomorrow we star it and see from front to back if anything leaks
Repo is to the left in the picture…

(Paul Wigton) #93

Oh, duh! I shoulda known that was an Aston nose!!!

(j limongelli) #94

Here is the screening from the original pipe
It was broken and laying in the sump bowl
Just destroyed
More guess work out of the way

(j limongelli) #95

For the purist, I waited for years for this…
Sng now has the original strapping with the WHITE buttons!
Repro for years were a harder black plastic with black buttons
These are more of a rubber with the white /clear buttons
Just like the originals
Nice touch for strapping fuel lines and wire looms
I’m happy!

(Paul Wigton) #96

… which matched perfectly, with what was on my ‘63: wonder when that change happened?


And my unrestored 67 dhc had the harder straps with several black buttons among the mostly white ones.

(j limongelli) #98

is it me?
I cleaned the original sending unit as this was the repro
I wasn’t putting this in?
Um my old one was a straight shaft and all metal!
I’ll take that overplastic with ethanol
Look at the kookie design?
Is this even close?

(j limongelli) #99

And the one in the tank

(j limongelli) #100

All done
I’ll wait for the sealer to dry
Add a gallon and see if she is dry!
Note stainless screws and washers!

(Erica Moss) #101

The repro senders have always looked crappy. The original ones are easy enough to clean out and calibrate.

(j limongelli) #102

The car ran fine with one exception
I never liked the banjos
They always leak so I took off the banjos on the pump and swapped them with series 3 e type nipples!
They are great and seal to the black o ring
6 less spots to leak!

(j limongelli) #103

So pretty
Look at the difference from 1967 to 2006
Both look wonderful