Lets build a 1967 e type together

(Ole Würtz) #304

Hi Joey,
for your consideration, here are a few pictures of how I added LEDs in the instruments and other interior places.
I have not been able to find the pictures of the relay installation behind the LH head light but also eliminated the Bakelite contact block, since it only ad contact points which will cause voltage drops over time.
I think the pictures will explain what I did. BTW, superbrightleds.com is where I got all my LEDs from, except the strips (Amazon) but they have them too.

LED strip covered in green electrical tape:

The other instruments just got the standard incandescent bulb replaced with an equivalent LED.


LED strips as map light and under the Mazda seats:

(j limongelli) #305

You know…The seat thing IS OUT THERE BUT……………a neat idea!

(Ole Würtz) #306

Thanks. I have heat element in the seats too.

PS: Why the 1314 in your signature ?

(j limongelli) #307

My first ford gt vinnumber….

(j limongelli) #308

The light is now perfect under dash…

(- 1950 MkV, 1959 XK150,) #309

“My first ford gt vinnumber”

Ahh, you never forget your first one…:wink:

(j limongelli) #310

Wellboys and girls…I’ll make life easy for al that wants matching hew led dash lights
Now remember all three are done in the middle minus the ammeter as it did not come back and the original has the green lense.
The speedo and tach look painful but get to that soon
You need the sharpie brown and black to make them all match
The fuel and water have the bulb in the middle like the am but the damn oil was to one side giving way to much glare and wrong tone
A light coating of the brown on the bulb and a dash of black on the tip takes away the stark light and tomes down the glow
Take a look!

(j limongelli) #311

If you enlarges the picture notice the green ammeter is dead and the tach and speedo are just terrible
I made the led bulbs fit for the bottom ledger
Will post soon
Next was the rubber for the squirters
Larger than original but keeps out water and buries the faded chipped paint for now

(j limongelli) #312

Just terrible, dead bulbs ,no led, green filters and enough London fog to patina the glass😀
or this…

(j limongelli) #313

8am Monday morning
I love the petunia but want reliability and less issues
I don’t have the touch. For the rear glass seal
My young friends are doing the work with a new rear grass walk from sng

(David Langley) #314

Doing some gardening on Monday morning. Nice…

(Paul Wigton) #315



(j limongelli) #316

Spell check on iphones with no glasses stink.
That’s patina…
Glass came out fine but we had to cheat with silicone on the clips…and this was original trim!

(Paul Wigton) #317

Imma gunna remember that, next time I suffer a senior moment…:laughing:

(j limongelli) #318

The sng rubber gasket again did the trick, no shaving or massaging.
I think it took less than a half hour with clean up.
I added a dot of silicone to the clips as they are not perfect after all these years but original not repro.

(Steve Crumrine) #319

The fun is in installing the chrome trim.

(Eric) #320

I got a photo of the panel lights last night. Tach and speedo have green strip LEDs in the case. Remote dimmer on those two only. Panel lights OK with exception of ammeter, which is a little dim…but the gauge is disconnected and will be swapped for a voltmeter, so I don’t care for the moment. Center panel gauges are lighted by green LED bulbs with no filters. Switch logos are better than they appear on the photo, but could be improved (lighting is via LED strip). Instrument lights come on with the “parking/side lights” which are lighting up the garage.

(j limongelli) #321

What a pleasure…….If yours is a 64? you have the blue painted backround for that hue instead of the later green?
What a difference…are you able to adjust with a dimmer.
PS the trim was a hoot, I always use silicone a lot going on with the curves and all.

(Eric) #322

I didn’t like blue…so it’s green. No dimmer except to balance the big dials with the small ones. Once that’s done they always come on at the same intensity. Dimming LEDs is another level of complexity. (I might take the two big dials down a notch in brightness).

The camera I used seems to have shifted the color a bit…it’s definitely more green in reality.

(j limongelli) #323

I agree…it looks wonderful, put a stock set up next to it and you will be in shock.