Lets build a 1967 e type together

(j limongelli) #244

I just read the other responses…Thank you!
Im have lots of fun as well and yes all my kids are out, I don’t know what to do with the money!

(69 FHC ) #245

I could offer suggestions. You want a list of charities? :sunglasses:

Have you looked at the Coventry Foundation?

(j limongelli) #246

If you go to GTJOEY.COM you see what we do with most of the tv and book sales, most go to homeless vets on Long Island.
We feed about 800 people during the holiday season and have two shelters on the island, but we travel all over the boroughs.
I know your playing but once the kids are out, it never ends, but at least you get to breathe :slight_smile:

(69 FHC ) #247

Both very worthy causes. That gets you two thumbs up.

Yes, of course, I was joking with you.

(Pekka T.) #248


Oh, I have long skinny arms and empty pockets (or just a lot of keys in my pockets) but I sometimes wish I would have a couple of extra joints in my arms. Especially when I have my arms inside a Jaguar dash or transmission tunnel! :smiley:


(Pekka T.) #249

Hi Joey,

I am used to the second, but I guess I am a purist.

And this reminded me of a song: (sung by a long time NJ resident)

“She’s a bright and blazing star
But I just must be sensitive to light, yeah”

Cheers! (Rainbow: Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll: Sensitive to Light)

(j limongelli) #250

All in fun…….now that I installed HEAT in the barn, REAL heat and A/C with one of those huge ductless units, Ellie and I will replace the rear hatch seal, I found 3m in black not yellow at the hardware store and all the pieces from SNG seem to be right so,Thats next.
I await the ammeter and water gages from the UK.
Once they come the dash center is complete, Im trying the led map light later , they calmed the lights down to a warm pitch if its to stark I keep the old bulb but I think it will llook right.
Even though I like upgrades, I HATE WHEN SOMETHING DRAWS YOUR EYE AWAY from a non original part or piece.
I like to make it flow.
2 years ago I never used the reverse light led because it looked goofy when on , it was 10 time brighter but looked goofy.
So I am watching what Im doing for asthetics.
This is fun though as people are getting involved its good hearing everyone opinion .

(j limongelli) #251

These new duclkless units are the best
Keeps everything nice and toasty

(Bob Faster) #252

why no insulation on those walls? seems to me a losing battle to try and condition that sort of space if you don’t insulate. a little insulation, some drywall… brighten that place right up

(Jerry Mills) #253

+1 for insulation. Also wondering why you have no electrical
outlets. Not done wiring yet or is that area just for display and not work ?

(j limongelli) #254

You must understand
It’s an old horse barn
To keep
My taxes below 100 grand!
It has to be a cetain look
Ahhhh when Cortez is president it will all be taken away…

(69 FHC ) #255

Well, some say you have to pay to play.

Hernan Cortez died 472 years ago. Is he going to rise from the dead and run for office in the United States?

(j limongelli) #256

Oh I’m playing alright…
Now back to the good life!
SNG says they are working on a LED HEADLIGHT that looks like a NORMAL headlight bulb.
If this is true it can be great!
Its a plug and play will draw 97 percent less energy then a standard bulb.
Ive seen the new led headlights but they look ALL wrong on an old car.
So we shall see…

(Bob Faster) #257

thats a heck of a horse barn… the ones I grew up around didnt look that nice… prolly had a different smell than yours too.

(Jagart) #258

hey those tanks are a real pita… well mine was on my 68…Art.

(Steve) #259

Nor did the “horses” look that pretty

(j limongelli) #260

The antenna came
It looks great and will never be up but it fills the hole and isn’t bent like the one on the car

(Nick Saltarelli) #261

I’ve always considered aerial up the better aesthetic. Otherwise looks like a zit. Or maybe a blackhead. Unattractive in any event. Why some enthusiasts delete the aerial entirely.

(j limongelli) #262

I agree but there was an after market antenna
That was kinked and only went down half way
Remember I have blue tooth and iPhone through the radio so an arena is moot
Tomorrow I show the led light for the map and interior I think we will like it!

(j limongelli) #263

So I just read to make it simple, what is the usage difference from a standard bulb to an led goes like this.
A standard 60 watt bulbs uses 60 watts.
The same light by an led , you take the 60 watts divided by 4.
So 60 divided by 4 is 15 or 15 watts.
Lets take our dash bulbs They are 5 watts per bulb for the most part.
Divded by 4is 1.25 equivalent watts.
Huge savings and draw.
I like it.