Lets build a 1967 e type together

(Bob Faster) #184

hope you didnt take that wrong, I meant crazy in a good way, I am glad to see some of these cars commanding high bids. I am one of the guilty few who only see these cars for the few minutes they are on TV, if they even get to TV. True I could search the BJ website and look at the few pics they post, but its not like BaT where the norm is now pictures of cobwebs on unturned bottom bolts etc. ( and thats a good thing too)

the red car presented well and looked really nice, only us Jag nuts pick up on the discrepancies of series numbers. I will give Mike Joy credit for knowing as much as he does about Jags considering it seems from TV that almost everything crossing that block is a camaro, corvette or mustang, throw in a GM pickup here and there.

I am still amazed at the bids on all the E-types I have seen so far, but in a good way. I will never be a seller and probably never a buyer. but its nice knowing the values are there.


(Nick Saltarelli) #185

To clarify, 1968 E-types are officially Series 1 cars, more specifically “open headlight variant Series 1” cars, as Jaguar themselves designated them. All JHT heritage certificates issued for the 1968 model year omit the qualifier, stating only that the cars are Series 1. The “Series-One-And-A-Half” moniker was bestowed on open headlight cars produced after mid-January 1967 by Jaguar enthusiasts, resisted up until recently and now recognised grudgingly by Jaguar. The JCNA “Series-One-And-A-Quarter” label still not recognised. Also, it’s not that Series 1.5 cars have Series 2 rocker switches but the other way round.

It’s fair to say many Series 1.25s and 1.5s have had headlight conversions. Remember that light blue E Prince Harry and Meaghan Markle drove away in after their nuptials? Jaguar calls it a 1968 Series 1.5 though it features covered headlights, so even the original rationale for the 1.5 designation has gone out the window. Of course, that particular car was converted to electric, too, so it seems whatever you want to call your ‘68 is cool.

(Paul Wigton) #186

E Type Series 1.5e?


(j limongelli) #187

Ok first up was the insulation
Guys it was perfect once I cut my 2x2 inch hole and tapered the foam around the shift knob it was perfect and perfect thickness

Also since they don’t supply the flat screws
Some were 10 mm so I did them all in 10mm
With cad or stainless washers
It’s so tight and clean
Notice the shift boot, all iscwell!

(Nick Saltarelli) #188

You haven’t tried yet to lower the centre dash after fitting the console, Joe. That’s the true test. Even 1/8” too high and it won’t clear.

(j limongelli) #189

The cover is locked down
The dynamat is 1/8th
I fit it already it was fine
I was talking about the foam under the cover
But I understand your thought
The old silver dynasty would be very bulky
Thank you

(j limongelli) #190

Moving on to removing the seat for more insulation the emergency light was broken
A fun job
New switch and adjusted it works fine

(Nick Saltarelli) #191

I was also able to get the gearbox cover on, but the console rode too high and the instrument panel wouldn’t lower. Had to shave off more foam, fit again, still wouldn’t lower enough, shaved off more foam … eventually succeeded. There are others on J-L who’ve been through the same thing.

(j limongelli) #192

Got it…
Mine worked but will keep an eye
Up next more cleaning up

(Craig Balzer) #193

In the for-what-it’s-worth category, Hagerty recognizes the Sereis 1.5 on its valuation site:

(Nick Saltarelli) #194

Ah. I hadn’t realised you’d already gone to the trouble of refitting the console to check the clearance then removed it again. Forward thinking. It was the last thing I installed of the interior, including the seats. The centre panel wouldn’t lower afterward and it took a bunch of extra fettling.

Carry on.

(Nick Saltarelli) #195

Yes, but Hagerty also values the 1967 “Series 1.5” as the same as the 1968 “Series 1.5”, when the only difference between a closed headlight ‘67 and an open headlight ‘67 is, well, the headlights. Everything else is identical, whereas the ‘68 cars, especially the US Federalised cars, feature many changes that are generally regarded as less desirable, like the rocker switches and smog equipment. The ‘67 cars are more desirable and more valuable than the ‘68s in fact. This is one area in which Hagerty is a bit out to lunch.

(Erica Moss) #196

Good thing you have pictures to prove that foam was once white because it won’t be for long. :laughing:

(j limongelli) #197

That’s funny, again we are building a driver, since these parts are so cheap , if they fit and no oil or gas for now, it makes the ride that much nicer.

(Nick Saltarelli) #198

The foam doesn’t provide a seal against the gearbox cover. Originally Jaguar used a putty to seal the cover against exhaust fumes and heat leaking past the join. A better solution is to apply duct tape - the real, thin aluminum tape that’s actually used on ducts - to the join after everything is buttoned down and verified. It also lowers the lid another 1/16” or so, which can make a difference. A useful hint I took from a certain Jerry Mouton.

(Steve Crumrine) #199

This is reminding me of all the little projects i need to do before I can put the trans cover and center console back permanently. Too any things have kept everything temporarily thrown on, the dash cover also. One step forward two steps back.

(j limongelli) #200

A cold Sunday as we slowly insulate the insides

(j limongelli) #201

Under seat mats are scrubbed clean
They look great and I might add original batting between the dyna and carpet
Let’s see

(j limongelli) #202

Okay guys with 2 weeks in my barn, need some more ideas…

  1. fuse blocks, In Europe there seems to be some nice updated , cleaner, moisture proof kits.
    Any thoughts?
  2. The carbs are going to Curto this week when I get time.
  3. Anyone have a place for the under carpet padding?
    Im doing dnya but in some spots the thick stuff looks right.
    The console is at the trimmers so I have some door gaskets coming, PRAY the ones from SNG are good.
    They supposedly have the better of the bunch.

(67 OTS S1) #203

if you are going with bigger valves and a mild cam you might ask Joe to upgrade to UO needles.