Instagram pics #jagloversofficial

(Jerry Mills) #61

Wife and I laughed for 10+ minutes.
If God is a cat, you’re in deep doo-doo.
Is that one toilet trained also ?

(JLo) #62

That is our younger cat “Pistachio”, the one who is toilet trained is “Cashew”(one on left)

(Paul Wigton) #63

Interesting: never saw a saloon steering wheel in an E!

(JLo) #64

Yeah I have an original wheel to put back on it once I finish polishing it up. The saloon wheel doesn’t look half bad on it.

(Paul Wigton) #65

I kinda like it!!!


(Dana) #67

Couple of cool cats in for routine fall servicing after a full summer of pedal to the metal workout …

(PeterCrespin) #68

You should try growing up in Cheshire and thinking as a kid “There’s a Wilmslow in Arizona?”

(Paul) #69

Please…no (cats).

(JLo) #70

Few photos from
Couple days ago with my friend who also has a series 1 and I.

(DINO) #71

Great picks used the grasshopper one!

(TriQpilot) #72

Well, I know what you mean …

(DINO) #73

We currently have 430 followers would be great to get some more pics.

(JLo) #74

Doing some preventative maintenance.

(Paul) #75

I am sure the neighborhood kids LOVE you…

(Paul Wigton) #76

I aaaaalmost shod Tweety with wide whites: it was what the PO liked on the car, and would have been a proper homage to an old era.

However, I wanted the higher performance of a modern radial, over the ‘gangsta whites!’

Im sure you would have loved the PO’s tuck’n roll white Naugahyde and ‘poiple’ shag carpet interior, though!

(JLo) #77

The first thing I did after I got my series 1, and BEFORE I even drove it, was get wide whites. I just think they are so fitting.

(Pascal G) #78

Users often overlook the tag feature on instagram. When you post a Jaguar picture on your account, tag @jagloversofficial and the picture will be added to the tagged section on the JL profile

(Paul Wigton) #79

Did I miss seeing inside photos of the “FuseLodge?”


(JLo) #80

Not yet, I want to do a proper photo shoot when I show it off. This includes my lady wearing something provocative lol
Found this online kinda neat