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(Paul Wigton) #21

…yer welcome! :joy:

(69 FHC ) #22

I really hate that song, along with Take the Money and Run. For me it’s a station changer. I’d rather listen to the farm reports.

(Paul Wigton) #23

My wife is the same for Hotel California.

Guess we’ll hafta dedicate Take it Easy for you, when the band plays it… :joy:

(Paul Wigton) #24

Another favorite of mine: again, somewhere in Arizona, during the 2011 Oil Leak.

photo credit: David Fey

(Bill Bilotti 1966 S1 OTS (in boxes)) #25

nice. How can you put the jack pad on the end of the centre rail in the rear without squashing the fuel line?

You have 2 lines, I assume one is the evaporation. system?

(Dana) #26

Yes. I kept the activated carbon can as part of the system because I keep the car in a heated garage attached to the house, and didn’t want a vented cap or whatever the alternative might be.

Are you talking about a jack to change a tire, or for hoisted maintenance? It’s OK for the hoist, nothing gets squished as shown, and it is the same layout as it came from the factory. In fact, it’s the same lines in the same brackets in the same place, just cleaned up, as far as I know…

Here’s my tire changing BMW modified jack for the cross Canada tour…

(Bill Bilotti 1966 S1 OTS (in boxes)) #27

I have been putting pieces of oak under the end of the frame rails because the fuel line changes lower than the rails and my jack stands would hit the fuel line. I am shy since most of the underside damage to my car came from people jacking it up in the wrong place.

YOU got a JACK in your BMW? and probably a spare tire? Those were the days.

(DINO) #28

Well it’s been about 3 weeks…
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Hope to get some more pics from the forum as the summer is in full swing.

(Dana) #29

lol… no… Just a good memory, and an eBay account. RFT’s are much better when they try to spike strip you after robbing a bank to help pay for the Jag … :slight_smile:

(Clive Wilkinson) #30

OK, so here’s my '62 just after I’d finished carrying out the total restoration in about 1998. Evening sun shining on it up at the airstrip


And a more recent one taken just before I sold it, this photo by Richard Issac (

(Ferman Wardell 1971 E-type Series 3 2+2 V-12) #31

Here’s my 1971 S3.

(1967 FHC) #32

Looks beautiful. Opalescent Maroon, Clive? I am having my car painted in Opalescent Maroon.


(Clive Wilkinson) #33

Thanks Drew. It’s as near as I could get at the time. A Jaguar colour from 1987, Crimson Poly.
Looks identical against my contemporary Jaguar colour chip for OM.

(Richard. Smith) #34

(DINO) #35

We are entering prime show season.

Please share pics of your outings.

(Dana) #36

Here are some summer shots (That’s not dirt on the bonnet, it’s the reflection of the scattered clouds above :slight_smile: )

(DINO) #37

Thanks for the Pic, the car looks great.

(Brandon Shriver) #38

The 140-E

(Brandon Shriver) #39

Mom’s 2010 XKR with dad’s 2000 DB7

(1967 FHC) #40

Beautiful! How well I remember Victoria and the Jaguars in the park a few years back.