Harvey Bailey Rear Anti Roll (sway bar)


I too fitted GAZ rear shocks and set them at mid position based on number of clicks. The car was definitely bouncy and I altered the knob setting somewhat until the car quieted down but I don’t remember which way I turned it.

Does anyone know the diameter of the HB anti roll bar - judging from the photo above and the clamps it looks to be the same dia as the torsion links. It wouldn’t be too hard to duplicate but the stress in the bar would need to be checked so that a suitable steel could be used.

(TheoSoares) #22

those are some fat tires on that real axle! i will say shocks probably will also make a big difference, i have original style shocks that are almost 10 years old now. will be replacing them sometime and assume at that point the combination of things will really make a big difference

(Tigger) #23

Likewise vis-a-vis the shocks.

The comment in the video about vibration loosening the fittings was a thought I’d had when I saw the installation, but in the video, I didn’t like the solution proposed. Given the relatively low cost of torque arms, why not just weld it? Or at just some threadlock. I didn’t think the comment about the fittings being closer together had merit – farther apart gives mechanical advantage, and would probably help combat vibration and avoid concentrating the forces on one end of the torque arm. Just sayin’.

(TheoSoares) #24

Even though I knew the answer I just checked mine. Driven almost every week for 3 years … all the bolts are still tight and the bar hasn’t moved.