Going in for seat belts!

(Joseph) #41

The attacking seat belts (1988-1992 USA market) were a deal breaker for me when I was looking for an XJ40 in 2007. So I was interested the '93-'94 MY cars only.

(John Quilter) #42

Glad you got it fixed properly, Jaguar must have done another buy on these passive seat belt parts as I recall when I left the company in 2007 they were running short. Good to know as I have a 1990 XJ6 with these belts. The company is under obligation to fulfill the lifetime warranty.

(Grooveman) #43

David …

When it comes to an issue like this I readily admit that I LOVE being wrong ! I greatly admire your faith and determinism in getting this repair done … and for free yet. You’ve almost restored my faith in dealers …

May I suggest you offer a gift of fine spirits to Ms Melanie Beth Perry on behalf of all of us.

(Joseph) #44

I also have a good experience/opinion about the Ft Myers Jag dealer. They helped me out while the Naples dealer couldn’t or didn’t want.

(David Martin) #45

These are JAGUARS NOT ferraris!

(Grooveman) #46

David …

Dispite my limited exposure to the “Prancing Pony” I’d say that’s a GOOD thing :sunglasses:

(David Martin) #47

Someone previously reported that the seatbelts were not covered on there ferrari, I just wanted to emphasize Jags are better.

(Grooveman) #48

David …

Oh OK, got it. Did you pick up your car yet?

(David Martin) #49

Saturday! I will pick up the car, just need to make sure the emergency buckle has been returned to the glove box.

(David Martin) #50

Well we are halfway there, the attack belts work but the lap belts still won’t stay latched and the passive belts don’t extend! Passenger side does as long as the seat isn’t fully lowered and the driver side locked at the dealer when I was picking up the car! Monday round 2 begins. And the dealer neglected to put the emergency clip in the glove box so it is missing. Probably still in the old track.

(David Martin) #51

Update, attack belts crapped out already, not the fuse.

(Robin O'Connor) #52

Time to replace with real belts by the sounds of it :frowning:

(David Martin) #53

Real belts?..

(Robin O'Connor) #54

Yep, them what yous do up yourself rather than the nanny state ones :slight_smile:

(Grooveman) #55

I promised myself I wouldn’t say it, I just won’t … uh … uh … argh …

(Brett) #56

They already stopped working?!?! That’s not good. Sorry to hear that.

(David Martin) #57

Apperently the controller is no longer made so they are remans, guess I got a dud!

(2tonejag 1989 XJ6 XJ40) #58

1989 XJ6 XJ40 I had my passenger side passive restraint motor replaced in April 2005 on Long Island…
Took quite a while to get the part but the parts GURU who is very helpful said they had to get another supplier to make-supply the part.


(Grooveman) #59

Hi David … Wow, your post has attracted 57 replays !

But … we still don’t know the final outcome. Did the dealer say sorry we’ve done all we can or is the check still in the mail ?

(David Martin) #60

Check is still in the mail! Going to call today for a reminder.