Going in for seat belts!

(Brett) #21

I’m shocked that they’ll be replacing the broken components and sticking with the attack belt setup. I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread to see what happens and how quickly.

(David Martin) #22

Fortunately this dealer seems very willing to try to repair them, how long is the key! Service manager said their parts guy is good! Only took 6 months for a previous jag to be repaired!

(Grooveman) #23

David …

I always like to see the glass as half full, but in this case I’ll give you great odds that it’s not going to happen.

Since this is a safety component I can’t believe they would risk the legal exposure to install used parts… so the question is where do you find new old stock for this rare 3 decade old system ? Sadly no matter how good these guys are, coming up with the new repair parts will be a Hail Mary ! But we’re all cheering for you …

(David Martin) #24

Well I called the service manager at The Ft. Myers dealer, to keep on their radar and got a shock! The parts are in and shes going in on Tuesday for the repairs!

(Brett) #25

That’s fantastic. I hope you’re able to take some pics of everything if they make changes to the current setup.