GAZ Damper settings!

(Ian) #21

I never take my car out if it is wet , all that water in the box sections , behind the chrome trim , thinking about it makes me shiver lol
Same with my bikes , they are toys for pleasure ,
I ride and drive like I stole them , I would soon be in the hedge on a greasy road :rofl:

(The Jag Man) #22

Ian and others,

I drive mine in all weather here in Colorado, including snow. We don’t use salt but the Magnesium Chloride can be a killer on metal. We have MANY car washes and I have a power washer at home. I recall in my youth when my father would take off the spats, throw on tire chains and fly up the mountain to get home. Sometimes we would be sideways but that posi/LSD always seemed to get us home! Heater never got warm enough though.

I too drive like I stole it when conditions allow. Nothing like drifting around the big curves in the snow in our National Park. Perhaps I will YouTube that someday, replete with squeals of delight from the beautiful Angela!

Have a look here where snow gets over 10 feet deep and the road barely opens on Memorial Day (end of May):

Loveland Colorado, USA

(Ian) #23

Took the car out yesterday , and there was no bounce at the back , so will add 2 clicks , and see what that’s like , fine turning :sunglasses: