Factory Fitted Sunroof

(Lovell) #21

“Supposedly” the records were “reconstituted” from a variety of sources…once they realized there was a value to having them.

(Timothy M Fox) #22

I hear you loud and clear! Being “reconstituted”, as you say, then allows for greater human error. Should one trust the build plate in the car and provenance if known above the Heritage Certificate? I was speaking to a friend over the weekend who said that the build plate in his car, which by many people’s reckoning, is original and it matches the numbers of the engine, gearbox, body and chassis but the Heritage Certificate he ordered said the engine and gearbox were not originally fitted to the car. Before Heritage Certificates it would have been a matching numbers car! Is it now?



(Lovell) #23

I just find it hard to believe that Jaguar was able to find it ALL?

Keep in mind, data plates can be purchased, the stamp font is harder to get and more expensive, but not impossible.

With regards to the car you are looking at, is the engine and gearbox numbers the correct era and model for the car?

While I believe that are possibly some mistakes in assembling the Heritage Certificates, likely a very tiny number.

I could be wrong and posters here will definitely speak up if that is the case… I was under the impression that the engine numbers ran in groups so having an engine from a different model would be suspect.

Transmissions, over the years, from my point of view have had parts swapped. Both innards and selector covers have been swapped to facilitate a retrofit. Knowing if the selector plate actually was swapped, which would be evident by it appearing on a serial numbered tranny that would not have used that style, would cause me to question.

Unless you are in Championship Class, this shouldn’t be the issue.

I’m restoring a 1934 SS1 Tourer. It will have a correct engine when I find one, but it will not be original. The transmission will be an XK140 as it is reasonably reverse compatible. The gear selector needs that large backset to fit the car. Pity I can’t use the overdrive version.

Always looking for a Standard Flathead 16/20 HP block that is rebuildable!

Message me with details.

(Timothy M Fox) #24

Does anyone have a schematic drawing of the MKII steel, factory fitted sunroof? There is nothing in the Service Manual nor in the Parts Catalogue. I’m chiefly interested in the sealing of the sunroof and want to know if there are any rubber seals as on the MkV & MKIV’s? I wonder of the the MKVII’s had the same type of sunroof?



(Pat Ruster) #25

I late to this conversation, I have a 63 with a factor sliding roof, the one seen at the MI Jaguar show referenced above. Look up on saloondata.com 178832DN

(Timothy M Fox) #26

Hi Pat,

Thank you for you comment and the link to your lovely car.

May I ask what you have used as a seal on the sunroof?

I’ll try and take a few photo’s of what’s on mine tomorrow.

Best wishes,


(Pat Ruster) #27

The roofs do leak as a mater of the water overflowing the trays. As you are aware the tray has 4 hoses to facilitate the draining of water two in the front corners draining trough the a posts and our the rockers and 2 in the rear corners that drain in the rear wheel wells. They have to be clear. The problem with these are they harden and crack or break off. You can only replace these when the headliner is out. The rear hoses are easy the fronts are MF’s; however, they can be replaced. The front and rear seals are no longer available. I found one front some years back and used it. The rear I found a seal that works. I will send you one if you give me your address.