Exhaust Blaaassssss

(Paul Wigton) #21

Christ, Im not QUITE that…encumbered!!!

(Mark Gordon) #22

But you do have a Lambo, don’t you Paul?

(Paul Wigton) #23

My Rover is oft mistaken for a Gallardo…


(Robin O'Connor) #24

Nice to have dreams :slight_smile:

(Paul Wigton) #25

Now… I just need scissor doors…:smiling_imp:

(Erica Moss) #26

I noticed these on Ebay and thought someone might be interested. I also found a sound sample on their website. Pretty freaking awesome sounding

(Paul Wigton) #27

Grrrrreat, NOW a set shows up!

I looked high and low, for a set, when restoring Tweety. It is what Dad installed on the car—sans mufflers—when it got modded to race.

To me, they look the best on the car and sounded AWESOME!!

Im having a hard time, tossing away the old ones…

(Erica Moss) #28

The do sound really good. I’m not sure how one would connect the down pipes to it though? Was there supposed to be an Abarth down pipe set to go to the muffler?

(Paul Wigton) #29

Dad just used the stock downpipes and loooong piece of straight pipes to the squares IRS bit, to which the Abarths connected.

(Mr. Phelps) #30

I just might be too old i guess. seems like every day there are more and more cars , trucks and motorcycles trying to make as much noise as possible. What happened to being quiet as a virtue? My 300SL sounds powerful but is quiet, my BMW motorcycle sounds like a sewing machine not a straight piped HD. I hope to have the E back on the road with stock exhaust which as best i recall, 45 years since i last drove one, was always just right. each onto his own but i think the loudness has recently gotten out of hand . And then there are car stereos blasting and blinding headlights never dimmed … old foggy phelps here.

(Pascal G) #31

You have a point. with modern cars, stealthy is nice. I had an XKR back 15 years ago and it was really so you can drive it fast without being noticed. Nowadays the new Ftype can be heard a mile away…

That said, with older cars and great sounding engines like the XK, all V12s and a few more including Alfa’s Busso V6 a little sound is pretty nice.

(Roger Benjamin) #32

my e type is not loud at all, but sounds nice, dynamat on all surfaces and its not irritating with the windows up. have thought that the blurpy crackling loud exhaust was nice on someone’s car just not mine. i guess if you had a choice of exhaust sound by button, that would be ok.

(Ole Würtz) #33

Indeed. Or not. Depending on how you set your switch and how hard you push the loud pedal. I agree, it is louder than most cars, but have the sweetest exhaust note of any current 6-cylinder car. IMHO

Merry Christmas Y’all, I’m off in my F-type for some last minute Xmas wine shopping …

(69 FHC ) #34

I’ve never been a fan of exhausts that are loud just for the sake of being loud.

(ronbros) #35

i can see that you dont go thru many MUD puddles!!

very nice ,CLEAN!

(Nick Saltarelli) #36

I guess you guys (and gal) aren’t too impressed with the sound of the E-Zero, eh?

(69 FHC ) #37

To achieve a totally period look it needs an 8-track player with speakers shaped like resonators and 8-track tapes for various exhaust sounds. :smiling_imp:

(Geoff Allam) #38

I recently moved to an area that is near a twisty section of road in the centre of the city. It has given me a totally new perspective on loud exhausts. There is nothing more annoying that the sound of jackasses with v-twin motorcycles, muscle cars or silly imports with tailpipes the diameter of garbage cans, revving their engines through a residential neighborhood in the middle of the night. In response to complaints about the noise our city administration, in their totally clueless naievity, installed decible meters on poles to inform drivers how noisy they were. That worked as well as can be expected. . Because there is no attached penalty the previously mentioned jackasses now compete to see who can get the high score! Anyways, that is the end of my rant and stay off my lawn you young whippersnappers​:imp::imp:. My plan is to install the quietes exhaust system possible on my OTS. Going for understated elegance.

(Paul Wigton) #39

Other than a Ducati, I cannot stand the sound of vee twins.

Uncorked Harleys are THE WORST, and I have long held that, if they werent Murrican, they’d be illegal.

(Bob Faster) #40

I like the logic that “loud pipes save lives” well if that were the case shouldn’t the pipes face the front?

when I was really young I put a Kerker four into one header on my Kawasaki 1000. rode it for half an hour and had a killer headache. switched right back to the original exhaust the same day.