Engine Transplant 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #101

I add my plaudits. Gorgeous shop. And well used. Even better.

Decades ago, we used cloth electrical tape. It worked. Sorta!! Pal, Roy had a summer job with the local electric
company. A grunt on the line crew. He brought a few roles of the then new vinyl tape. Oh, yeah., great… Used it on the A project. And I on the tattered wires of my 37 Ford !!

I’ve used four methods to neaten the wires in my engine bay.

  1. Vinyl tape.
  2. Corrugated slit plastic covers.
  3. Vinyl ties.
  4. Shrink tubing.

I’ve admired another, but never got the hang of how to stich it to look good. Loop, then a length of cord, then another loop. Continue til the ends are reached.

I replaced the cable from the battery post on the firewall to the starter solenoid. The end at the starter “melted”!!! The generic cable I use to replace it is much stouter and better insulated. Alas, I I just learned that the NAPA franchise has closed. Sad. good guys, knowledgeable and helpful. Not mere readers of the computer catalog.