Doors won't lock when shifter moved from Park

(Loren Engrav) #21

Still fiddling with this.
Turns out another thing is faulty. The memory buttons 1 and 2 (steering column position, etc) are to work only in Park. But they work in R and D. So now I have

  1. doors don’t lock when moved from Park and
  2. memory buttons work when in R or D and
  3. and there is a click under the J-gate when stepping on the brake when not in Park as if car saying ok to move from park
    is interesting
    will keep fiddling but not yet spend $$

do these events generate fault codes that can be read with proper equipment?

(Eric Capron) #22

It all suggests that the Not In Park signal is not reaching the Body Processor Module reliably when you move the selector out of Park (or that there is an intermittent fault in the BPM which is possible but very unlikely). The NIP signal is an input to the steering column control part of the Body Processor Module and if the BPM thinks that the transmission is still in Park when it isn’t, it will allow the column movement controls to work in D or R.
Also, I think that the click that you can hear when you press the brake is the Park release on the J Gate. Again, this suggests the BPM doesn’t know that the selector is no longer in Park.This should be inhibited once out of Park so you shouldn’t hear it once in D or R.
The only way to fix this is to try to track down whereabouts the problem occurs. It could be the switch, it could be the connector, it could be the wiring and although I doubt it very much, it could be the BPM.

If you want to fix it you will have to set up to do some tests as I suggested in a previous post.

(Grahame Loader) #23

Start with the ground, as ground faults are a common source of electrical problems.

(Eric Capron) #24

The ground concerned is a logic ground located on the left hand A post. There are two tags on the eyelet. Both have black wires with pink tracers. The NIP switch is the right hand of the pair.
The wire from the switch goes through a splice which in most cases is a nuisance but here might be helpful because one of the other wires into the splice comes from the boot release switch which, therefore, shares the same logic ground. So a quick (but not 100% certain) check is to see if the boot release still works when you have the doors not locking problem. If it does that suggests but does not prove, that the ground is OK.

(Loren Engrav) #25

thanks all
I can / will do the boot release test
is time to do the other testing but is beyond me and I have not found a local “old Jag” expert but will keep trying
thanks again

(Loren Engrav) #26


tested boot release and it works