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(Greg) #41

At 6’3", could I even fit in an XJ220?

(Bleasie) #42

Not 100% sure but one of my members looks to be around that height

(Bleasie) #43

Well Barry can get in his.& obviously this race car

(Jag-ur) #44

I’m 6’2" and have no problem… I would note however That for someone of more substantial girth it could be an issue. The door doesn’t open very wide so entry can be tricky… once in however lots of room. Big feet might be a problem the pedals are quite close together.

(Bleasie) #45

Barry Fromberg repied to a Face Book message from me He is 6’ 5" & he had to have the seat altered by Don Law He also suggests 6’ 3" should not be a problem.

(Jag-ur) #46

for reasons I don’t understand and am tired of fighting with this system… I’ll post it here as a reply… If anyone has any XJ220 ephemerae they wish to sell I’m interested… PM me if you wish.

(Bleasie) #47

10K sounds a bit over the top Godfrey-- Is that what Don Law charges?

(Jag-ur) #48

John I don’t have the exact figure… but given they are specially made and in very limited numbers the development cost is enormous. Don had to go on bended knee to get these at all we are very much in his debt for the efforts he made to keep our cars on the road… There have been no tyres available new that are suitable for the car for years… the new Bridgstones are made from scratch as the original moulds were no longer road legal. If it hadn’t been for Don’s perseverance all our cars would be parked. Even at ten grand I don’t believe he is making anything on them… and the Pirellis which are being offered by Jaguar don’t pass muster. Part of the cost of ownership. I don’t begrudge it for a moment. ( even though I can’t afford a set right now )

(Bleasie) #49

Jane has recently had a set fitted & like you does not know the exact price as she hasn’t got the invoice handy. but she says just under £5K for the set which makes them similar to the Pirellis which Jaguar had produced. Dave Canham found some tyres when he owned his that were suitable for the type of driving most 220 owners do. I don’t think there is anything wrong the Jaguar Tyres.

(Jag-ur) #50

5000GBP = +/- 10000 CDN … I would ask Don re the Pirellis if I were you… I won’t use them when the time comes. Beyond the concept which never went any where, the Pirellis were never fitted to the 220.