Currently for sale

(Bleasie) #21

Your Car number, I wonder where they found that ?

(Bleasie) #22

I have a few photographs that Urs gave me thal show the cards in the windscreens.

(ronbros) #23

there was the 220 that UNSER drove in the Fastmasters, i have heard when prices were at the bottom , he sold it for $85000. US !

quite awhile back tho.

some of the cars were available to the guys that raced them for a price , personal use after the races closed!
it was said that FORD wanted to get rid of them , and reduce numbers available! donno!

the only one 1 i ever seen was in Daytona FL. silver, guy lived just south of Daytona!

(Bleasie) #24

Chassis number SAJJEAEX8AX220781 is the Unser car alive & well. They were all brouht back to UK & repaired – Don Law took them over from Jaguar

(Jag-ur) #25

in a box in a salt mine, apparently that is all that was in the box. The image is copyright so can’t send one to you.

(Bleasie) #26

Oh I thought you meant you had the actual sheet do you mean like this one for 220763 and220762
these are not Copyright Urs gave them to me

(ronbros) #27

maybe the Unser car was sold back to Jaguar , for what he paid for it $85,000.US.

there is that possibility??

(Jag-ur) #28

Yes one of those… Mine has copyright written all over it. Godfrey

(Bleasie) #29

As I understand it Don Law brought all 10 Fast Masters cars back to UK One member of my JDC Area bought one & finished the repairs himself & raced it it has just popped up for sale in Arizona

(Bleasie) #30

Hi Godfrey I have contacted one of my members who was there at Bloxham at the time I have Rxd this message
John there were always discussions about colours until the final marketing decision to go with circuit names

(Jag-ur) #31

Thank you John I’d love to know the answers. It is answers to these puzzles which add so much to the knowledge that I find fascinating. Godfrey

(Bleasie) #32

A bit like choosing a name different ones get mentioned but not many were writen down.So once the decision was made to use racing Cct names everything else went out the window–Here is piece of history. Unfortunatly the last sheet ends prior to your ends at 220635 which was the last of the cars sold at that point in time & the rest were in storage at Browns Lane.

(Jag-ur) #33

Hi John I have that … mine must be a later version as it includes my car. BUT it doesn’t tell us what the names of the colours were before they were finalised .

(Bleasie) #34

That’s just one of 5 sheets I have but number 5 ends at 635… These were the sheets I used to help create the Data Base.

(Bleasie) #35

These were 1993 long after the colours had been decided

(Paul Wigton) #36

T’would be neat to have one: watch the puristas faint when I drove it down my dirt road…:wink:

(Jag-ur) #37

Paul it’s Ok… a set of tyres is only about ten grand. might be cheaper to pave the road.

(Paul Wigton) #38

If I could afford the car, cost of tires wouldn’t be an issue. Both cars AND tires are made to be used.

(Jag-ur) #39

well if you sell the house and the rights to your first born… come up with another 1/2 mill… better be quick the prices are rising fast!.. finally.

(Paul Wigton) #40

Not a worry: of the list of cars I’d like to have, providing sales of my (yet-to-be) first born, my acreage, and a pint of blood, the 220 is closer to the bottom of the list.