Cranking but no start

(Michael Garcia) #21

all is well
ends swell

happy trails


Yeah, I have no idea why, I got the hood open so I could look and see what I needed and I left it open. and I guess they got into it for whatever reason, I hope they didn’t screw anything else up.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #23

Sister will get revenge!!! OTH, Maxine, you learned something about your car Always good,

Way back when, my brother did some thing like that to me. My T Ford. Hand cranked most of the time, for one reason or another!! No start . Why, it was usually quite reliable ??? Quick diagnosis. No fuel to it’s A carb !! Opened the fuel line. String stuffed in to it !!
fished it tout, reassembled, fired it up and away I went… Good thing, I cooled off while away.

Verbal only on return. Never did know what motivated him???