Call for testers

(69 FHC ) #21

Is that the only search option; section and keyword? I tried a few searches and got what I expected to see. But what if I want to see starter motor pictures posted by Joe Blow. What I don’t see is the ability to search by the name of the person who submitted the pictures, I think that would be useful. A date range would also be nice.

Another point is that as far as I can tell the search is pretty much dependent on the description the original poster created when they originally posted the picture. It’s always been that way and I don’t know how to get around it unless someone is tasked with looking at every picture creating tags based on what they see. I think this points up the need to somehow remind people to take care with their descriptions of pictures.

(Andrew Waugh) #22

For the archives, the “owner” of the album is always me (I couldn’t find a way to preserve the original owner - I may manage to include it in the descriptive fields, but then it would just be text search).

For new albums the ownership will be valid, so you should be able to browse a users albums from there.

Please keep the feedback coming. It may seem like I’m saying “not possible” to every feedback, but I’m not. I set the test site up on the basis of what I thought was needed.

Here is a link to the developer’s own site: Keep in mind that his site is very photocentric, our static site needs to handle the photo albums, ebooks, jagads etc.

(Aristides Balanos) #23

Hi Andrew,

First of all, we all thank you and greatly appreciate your work!
The photo albums was for me one of the best features of the old site.

Had a tour on the photo albums and here are my observations (desktop computer):

I searched “XJ” and it worked, but the 50 hits is indeed a bit of a bother.

Then I searched for “dist” on the XJ123 section and worked fine, albeit very slow, but I understand this is just a test site.

No posters name. From what I understand it will be the case for the old albums…?
Picture Rating, IMO useless, it just takes space.
The square numbers at the picture is a bit of a redundancy since you can see the thumbnails and the navigation bar bellow. They just spoil the pictures.
The pictures are very small and there is no zoom option. Very hard to see details on technical pictures. Why is the format so narrow ? 70% of my computer screen is empty…

When I clicked on the top navigation bar (XJ123) I’ve got: 504 Gateway Time-out

Can’t wait to see the real site up!!

Best regards,

(Andrew Waugh) #24

The rating system is enabled by default, it doesn’t really fit to our usage. I’ll disable it.

I can get the poster’s name back into the archives, but not (easily) recreate the accounts of inactive users, so you’ll be able to search using the original JL username in the text field.

Can you post a pic of what you mean about the “square numbers”?

Some of the early pics are very small (there’s nothing we can do about that now). Please try uploading some photos and see if they’re better.

You can also download pics and zoom/enhance with software on your computer.

(Aristides Balanos) #25

The “square numbers” :

On the photos I’ve checked when I “right click / view picture” the photos were definitely bigger.
I know that on the old site there was a size limitation and therefore not much you can do for the old pictures.

Also will there be a connection at our profiles with our photo albums ?


(Andrew Waugh) #26

Ah. The square numbers are so that you can move to the next photo in that album.

The point of the search is to narrow it down to a single album, then you can get an overview, moving through the individual pics, then click on the pic to zoom and get more detail.

There doesn’t seem to be an integrated way to automatically add your album info to your profile here on the forum. (They’re actually two different sites), but I’m sure we can add a field for that… somehow.

(David Jauch) #27

Excellent. If one was to find things better using more precise keywords, maybe. But you know how things go, sometimes you find yourself searching for that one picture of a distributor, and of course you don’t have your computer in the garage under the car, but the phone is there (also a great safety feature: the 5-times button click on newer iPhone calls emergency services if you’re stuck!)…
No bother though as you apparently see all the other pictures too, just with less text details :slightly_smiling_face:
I second the others, and I know that it’s not that easy sometimes.


(Sean O'Donoghue) #28

Very nice to see an old useful feature being migrated to the new site. Thank you for your continued efforts.
I noticed in almost any multiple series photo “how to”, for example:

Home » Photo search results » Legacy_PhotoAlbums » xj40 » Differential Removal and Installation - Part 3 of 4 » 1~1361980694.jpg

Photos 1-12 that the first photo in the series is always the 4th photo? See attached snip:

(Andrew Waugh) #29

I just changed the display sort order to the name of the photo (it was just random). Should be right now.

(Andrew Waugh) #30

I need people to try uploading.

( Larry ) #31

Not sure how to access the upload function (Firefox) …

Under the search box I see “Upload photos:” but no actionable link?

(Andrew Waugh) #32

Aha… perhaps that’s why noone has uploaded. A.t.m I’m only using my phone, but I’ll have a look from my laptop and see why the logon isn’t automatic (or if it needs a button to logon).

(Andrew Waugh) #33

Ultimately I’d like to have the logon seamless (i.e. if you have a tab with the forums open, and open another tab with the Wordpress site, then it should just automatically log you in).

For the moment I’ve added a widget to the sidebar, down near the bottom, highlighted in this screenprint:


When the login screen appears click “Login via Jag-lovers forum site”:


( Larry ) #34

Ok, got logged in and found the page, tagged pic personal member albums (I think) title was Xmas Card, filename XmasCard.jpg size 99k …got upload success confirmation screen but couldn’t preview or find it again in search? :confused:

One more thing …after logging in, user is taken back to the front page of the site with the animated banner - then, clicking on “Photo albums”, photo album page takes a very long time to load and when it DOES finally load, only displays the header with three links “Home” “Test Forums” and “Jaguar information”. Nothing else and no scroll bars, basically a blank page.

If logged out though, pages load at a reasonable speed …

If staying logged in to the test site and returning to this thread (in another tab) then scrolling up to the original test link in post #1, i.e.

Then you CAN load the page and upload/search.

Just an FYI …

edit: I just uploaded a second image then searched “member-albums:abercanadian” and yes indeed both pics were there with the tag “awaiting moderation”.

As there were only 2 pics in the album, the thumbnail strip displayed the thumbs multiple times.

BTW Merry Xmas Andrew!

(Andrew Waugh) #35

New uploads go into a moderation queue, just like the old system. I just approved yours, they should now appear for others. (Until they’ve been approved they are only visible to you and site moderators/admins).

The performance seems to vary quite a bit. I can’t say if it depends on something specific or not.

( Larry ) #36

testing link to posted photo

VDP in the snow

(Andrew Waugh) #37

Larry, that link points to a virtual album called “lasten” which always contains the last ten uploads.

You can also link straight to a specific album or photo.