CA SMOG inspecton blues

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #21

Thanks, Jay.

No, I didn’t mess with it. I hooked it up as close to 94 Cadillac spec’s as possible. Only variations are a K& N air filter in lieu of the paper filter in a box. Just too crowded for it. The triangular resonance chamber deleted. atop the engine deleted. Just looks better with the PCM in it’s place. And, a “H” pipe in it’s true dual exhaust.

I did install a proper new Thermostat, just in case. And the radiator is plumbed correctly.

It features a Meziere (sp) electric water pump. I messed up the drive for the original WP and this was a good fix

It does run at 90 -100 C as needed, and warms quickly and holds, no matter what.

No, I did not delete the warm water line through the intake.

It’s first SMOG was n 06. It has passed just fine, up to now.

It’s been on hold pending me feeling better and me doing the
"gotta be’s’.

Next good weather spell, I’ll mess with it. MAF cleaning, , next up. Followed by a scan. of it’s OBD I system.

I am feeling tons better, but caution as insisted on by my kids, No relapse needed !!! Still on light duty.

In the mean time, my trusty old Jeep does it’s thing.

Again, thanks.


(Paul Wigton) #22

In honor of the Jeep—and you!

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #23

Neat. me rusty, Jeep not so much. It will outlast me, I hope.

Thanks, I enjoyed it on my machine wth sound,and good sound, better than my ears!!!


(Dan) #24

Been following your adventure. Mine has the same drivetrain, so I’m very interested in what happens I’m inching toward making an appointment with the ref.

(Gary Grant) #25

Why don’t you try to pass the test with approximately 15 to 20% methyl alcohol in your gasoline ?
I have done this many times in a 1993 vehicle, and it reduces the measured emissions noticeably. Hopefully it would also reduce the visible particulates which are preventing a pass on your car.
Just syphon most of the gas out of your tank, make up a mix of 20% gas line antifreeze ( also sold much cheaper in gallon sized jugs from most any hardware or home building supplier, termed methyl alcohol) in normal gasoline, and put that in your tank.
You should notice a slight loss of power,and maybe a slightly lower idle speed, but it should start and run normally.
Hopefully a brief usage of this high concentration of alcohol will not harm the rest of your fuel system.
As soon as you pass the test, on the way home fill up with gasoline to dilute the remaining methyl alcohol in your tank.

This procedure is known to have reduced emissions noticeably in a 1993 GM vehicle several times. I think I used 25 to 30% methyl alcohol one time.

You are probably have 10% alcohol in your gas already, so,try adding 10 to 15% more, and go take the test.

Worth a try, don’t you think ?

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #26

Yes, it just might work. but, my car’s issue is not the readings from the “sniff” test. Those are within the requirements. So, alcohol might well burn cleaner yet, and thusly get better numbers, but the car would still fail.

CA has a “snap throttle” test. Rev it, back off and it can not give off visible smoke, white, blue ort black. Subjective, for sure.

However, in my case, black smoke, is clearly emitted. Over fueled, yes.

Son and I have a plan. Deferred til it gets warmer., brrr, out there. MAP is the lead suspect.

Thanks for the idea.


(David Jauch) #27

Carl: If you put a spring loaded flap in the intake, invisible, wouldn’t that stop the overfueling? I think your original engine might’ve had that trick. The flap would only open under high vacuum and then close again; which is precisely what you want right? After all the problem is not really a concern but for the subject.
Of course MAP is the better solution, but as a workaround you would only need to tee a vacuum line or thereabouts? :slightly_smiling_face: and need a flap thing.

Edit: That would be the Overrun Valve!


(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #28

Just might have solved the riddle. Air filter!!! It was pretty dirty!!! Why? It is a K&N knock off. I gave it a good bath in a strong detergent and water mix. Air and sun dried. Much better.

Son was by yesterday. I fired it up. Idle a bit fast and a bit of a rich lope. It settle down. as it reached operating temp of about 90 c.

Water vapor out the pipes. Some wet black soot as well

then it cleaned up and did the “SMOG test snap throttle” test. No black smoke.

But, to make sure, we have a plan to be executed today. Drill holes in the low point of the mufflers to drain of the condensate.

Tom doesn’t like my ramps. Will bring his "better ones later.

A regular visit to check on “two old goats”. One, Billy, to get his meds. A squirt down the gullett, followed by a celery.

So, perhaps next week, off to a retest. Might just make it this time.,

But, ugh, my Jeep is up now!!! I pulled it’s paper filter. Nice and clean??? Great, but why it and not the Jaguar. similar uses.


(Thomas Cummings) #29

I know that this does not apply to you - but I have met more than a few people confused about the “lifetime” part of oiled gauze air filters with the actual need to clean on a regular basis. When I would tell people their problem was the air filter, they would look at me and declare “but its a lifetime filter.”

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #30

Well, this time it did! Should have suspected that. but, I didn’t. Only lame excuse is that I don’t drive the car all that much and usually on relatively “clean”: streets. Wrong, time flies, it has been in place for over a decade!!!

Those “life time” claims do bite one, we know where…

Now, gotta get a temp cert and get it inspected. Oh, and not forget to put the insurance back on.

And, yuk, the Jeep is up for its inspection… But, not to be fooled again, I pulled it’s paper filter. It is nice and shiny white, clean as a whistle. No debris in it’s air box, either. And, it’s filter has been in place for a very long time!!! Each car driven about the same???


(Patrick Opsahl) #31

Alright Carl, I am waiting to hear the results of the smog retest…
If the air filter is the fix that is great. Even replacing a real K&N should only set you back $50 - $75.
For me, now being in a non- smog state, I can rub it in a little - I just register my 1977 XJ6 with 1993 LT1, no smog fees and a tidy sum of $37 registration! Oh, it feels good to be out of the golden state!

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #32


I sure get it!!!

Folks are leaving in records numbers. Housing costs a leader, but other stuff as well, including draconian laws

I saw a news piece of a family packing up and going. He ands she retired long time CA residents. sold house for a mi, bought a bigger one for half that and no “sanctuary state” nonsense…

And adding insult to injury, my Jeep is up. Fee bumped from 94 to 122!!! + the Test nonsense… Another 100 or mebbe a bit less.

Were it not for my kids and my age, I’d be on my way …


(Paul Wigton) #33

Um…never mind.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #34

I think I read your mind!!! Kudos for the “never mind”. It might have been a good Pub topic, but, naaah, that partisan politics thing. Best left mute.

Our neighborhood is in a tither over the closing of a small business, a nursery. More odd law!
Intent salutary, execution awful

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #35


I planned to go day before yesterday. I got myself amped up for it. Raining torrents!!! Might be an advantage. Fewer folks at the facility . Yuk, Starter relay rattled crazily, but no crank or fire. Put on the Smart charger. Another day,

As an 8 hour charge got the battery to 100%, OK!!!

Yesterday. pouring rain again. Good !!! Jaguar fired instantly!! Stopped at gas station. Both tanks low. Not good to quit in the middle of the test and best to have fresh gas aboard.

OK. no one at the station! I’m up! No wait. Tech asked location of the BAR sticker. I showed him.
Left rear door post. Tech asked as to the gas caps. I opened the lids. Again, why are there no caps?? There are, I depressed the seals on the lids. AHA. Efficacy of two tanks and 24 gallons discussed.

PASSED. But, caveat, Hydrocarbons at the limit ! I’ve not yet checked as to past numbers.
Did I inhibit the cats by an over rich condition? Dirty air filter the culprit.

I’ll defer concern for two years. It runs great.

Yahoo, I win one ! And a bunch of $'s left my pocket !!!


(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #36

Another win !!

Went to Smog for my Jeep. Passed just fine. Not great it is “old”, but good enough !!

Two more years to enjoy,

And, last week, the Jaguar made it !!!


(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #37

No papers and sticker for the Jaguar !!! Why?
done before the Jeep and I got the stuff for it in the mail.

Efforts to call CA DMV an impossible mission!!!

I enlisted my local assembly person. A guy in her office had a contact. He got a promise that the stuff was extracted from the mess and would be on it’s way to me!!!

In the words of my dear departed, “we will see”.

In the interim, a folder with the paper work rides with me,