Anyone ever put a cummins diesel in xjs? Or other?

(Robert and Darlene Stevenson) #21

Hi Carl,
As you mentioned Renault Dauphines, in Michigan on a quite night you could hear them rusting, I once had a Judson blown Dauphine that was quick enough to blow off Vdubs and poorly driven Falcons which isn’t saying much! Five years of Michigan winters did in the sheet metal stampings that the front suspension connected too so off it went to that great junkyard in the sky.
Plymouth, Mi

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #22

It was a neat little OHV four banger, though. One of he ones we found had a neat tubular header. Son and I patched a few together and got about two that were almost complete and ran. Puny three speed transaxle.

I could never get past the tinny three lug wheels!!!


(Robert and Darlene Stevenson) #23

I think that the very early Dauphines that had the header and I seem to recall that all 4CV’s had it.
Plymouth, Mi.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #24

Yes, one was a mere platform when found. No engine. Another with an engine that was just plumb tuckered out. We “fixed” the engine and installed it in the “platform”.

I devised a way to “skim” the alloy head and remove the “wave”. I put my early teen son and his pal to work. Flat glass plate from a defunct TV. Valve grinding compound,. Grind it flat. Checked with a carpenter’s square and a feeler guage til I
got less than .04.

New rings and bearings from “mail order”.

Affixed a VW Beetle carb. It fired right up and ran
really well.

Nice sound, right off the header. No muffler.

A fellow down the road contributed two rims widened to 8". As was the custom of the time, I found two “bald” 8.20 x 15 tires for it.

Fun, oh yeah, but the VW based “buggies” ran off and hid from it !


(ronbros) #25

carl i think you mean .004 (4 )thou, not .040 (forty thou).

Ron i get like that too.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #26

Absolutely. At times I lose sight of dimensions in type vs those in real time. In real time measuring devices keep me fairly well on track.


(ronbros) #27

just read your 1st post.

i have done engine rebuilding on both those Cummins models.

the 4BT is a vibrating monster, have seen it break motor mounts, and ruin an exhaust system, just shaking, also cause coolant hose leaks!
opinion , an XJS with all the slow speed vibrations would be very annoying, in traffic etc.

Now the 6BT is a darling in line 6, for a 5.9L it is just about the best diesel available, at a reasonable cost!

it is a tall engine so measure carefully.

but to each his own choice!!

(JLo) #28

Well exactly a year later after starting this post, I didn’t give up the idea to put a Diesel in a jag. With my xjs I decided to keep the original V12 and mate it to a 700r4 and 1 ton dually with great success.
I am throwing around the idea of putting a 6bt in the xk8. I know it’s a fairly tall engine. I love the idea of this engine as a daily driver.

(baloo) #29

Pix of that V12/dually?

(JLo) #30

(baloo) #31

A-wow!!! wow wow wow wow
No no no no – not possible by an individual!
Have you documented the build anywhere I should check.

(JLo) #32

I have not documented it really online other than jag lovers. Although it will be on a tv show. I will let you know where to see it in the coming months of your interested.

(DavetheLimey) #33

I think we all would be interested!

(Paul Wigton) #34

Ah…an IsuzOpel!! Raced against one of those!