85 Jaguar XJ6 siphon old gas out of tank

(Andrew Waugh) #21

Unless you have the car on a lift up above your head, in which case the slug of fuel arrives at your end of the hose with sufficient force to make the fuel flow out of your nose.

(Frank Andersen) #22

Indeed, Andrew - the pressure depends on the difference between the outlet and fluid level. I prefer a long hose - and try to stop sucking as soon as soon as the levels are past equal. Sometimes successfully…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(JR) #23

How hard is it really to do the old shove the hose down the filler neck to the bottom of the tank and give it a good old fashion okie suck. Just trying to get enough gas out so I can then drain the excess from the bottom.


(David Jauch) #24

Just try. I failed somewhat but I only had a garden hose and it jammed. Thinner one, sure. Or a better sucker I guess.

(phillip keeter) #25

If it seems so easy, why don’t you just go do it and stop wasting the time of all those who responded to your plea for help?

(Frank Andersen) #26

I ‘think’ Jaguar did something to deter petrol thieves, JR…?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(David Jauch) #27

Lockable caps! And the sharp bend below. How hard can it be :slightly_smiling_face:

(AndyBlakey) #28

It isn’t hard at all to just undo the drain plug which Jaguar put in the bottom of the tanks precisely so that you could drain the fuel. I’ve yet to hear what damage you think you will do, short of turning the plug so hard the wrong way that you strip it. If you are concerned that the larger outer plug will move first (this can happen) then use a wrench to hold it still while you undo the smaller plug.
As for debris clogging the drain hole. IF you have so much loose debris in the bottom of the tanks that it clogs the drain hole now is the time to find out - while the car is in your garage, workshop, driveway, and not out on a road trip somewhere.

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(Doug Dwyer) #29

I spend a LOT of time dealing with old cars, stale gas, and dirty tanks.

Any car with a tank drain makes me happy. Any car without one makes me sad. There are many more of the latter than the former, in my experience


(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #30

For sure. some months ago, my Jeep stranded my daughter on the freeway. Came here on a fat bed.

Odd. fuel pump OK. Guage not so much. Showed gas that did not exist!! Only determined on tank removal.
No drain. My effort to remove fuel failed. No drain.,
siphon, run the pump, etc.

The combo guage/pump module is on the top of the tank. Access by dropping the off side. Son did t. Prepared to handle a loaded tank. Nope, much lighter. No fuel !!! New module and all is well.

Weather and me off time this AM. Errrands.in the rain, Wore rain gear. XMAS present from son and his GF.
Jeep time. Done !!! Unload in driveway. Sun is out!!!

Chat with neighbor, His derelict 69 Ford stepside
4x4 being returned to life after a “Rip Van Winkle” snooze… Much to do.

All old tech. Ford 360 FE on two barrell carb and points and condensor ignition.




(cdscds) #31

Hello JR,

Please use the drain plug

I put a hose in my right tank to drain it with a spare SU pump, thought I was clever but I was rewarded with a non functioning fuel sender, I probably bent the rod or knocked off the float.

Best regards