1992 5.3 Marelli - Stall after warming up and odor

(JimD in Alabama) #41

Steve, you had me scratching my head there for a minute over the ABS ball before I realized this picture wasn’t taken of your 95 6 liter convertible----

(Geekay) #42

I’ve decided to do a compression test before I do more troubleshooting. Should be in good shape but I want to validate for overall reliability purposes. I’m also going to overhaul the fuel injectors. Not related to problems but as the car has stood too much I want to have full confidence in it’s reliability. I’ll be working on validating vac, sensors etc in the meantime after the compression test.


(Steve) #43

Correct, mine is blue.
I was not at my desktop with all the digital photographs and found the picture in question online. The annotations are mine.

However, having a 6.0L with ABS Teves III is not unusual. The VIN breakpoint for the Teves IV was something in the 198xxx’s. This would be circa October-November 1994 production date.

My car is a few hundred numbers before the VIN breakpoint. I’ve seen more 1995 convertibles with a set-up similar to mine than to yours (IIRC, your VIN is a few hundred numbers after the breakpoint and Jaguar did not make many v12s afterwards).

I don’t remember where are you in Alabama but hope the recent weather events did not impact you.


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Southeast corner and we were fine. Thanks for asking.

Yes, my Vin is 1998xx.

Love your picture annotations. You and Paul do a good job with explanations and photos, as do some others. The pictures often beat the heck out of the drawings in the ROM. Together they are really helpful.


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I’ll open a new thread on possible dropped valve seat. Leaking intake gasket at B6.


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Leaking intake should account for misfire and loss of fuel pressure on revving. Hopefully I don’t have a serious issue in the head. Just waiting on scope to arrive. I’ll take off rails and gubbins from vee tomorrow and look at all cylinders incl. a compression test. I have changed the Flywheel sensor.