1988 XJS Charcoal Canister

(Ed Sowell) #61

Also, I have a sniffer that I’d be willing to loan. Let me know if you’re interested.


Shop called and they found a small leak in a hose on tank, but not enough to be soaking carpet on rear floorboard. SO, tried smoke test, no smoke leak, now they are using dye.I haven’t mentioned the new tank possibility yet.
Should know more soon. Breaking news to come…stay tuned.

(Greg) #63

You say the tank is in good shape. Have you seen the bottom of it? Mine didn’t look that bad in the car. Pulled it out, bottom was totally rusted. Probably pinholes causing the leak.

I found out later a common leak develops in the rear window, water finds it’s way under the tank. So I still need to fix my window before exposing my new tank to the rain. Doh!


A different pad solution is wise as well. The OEM foam rubber sheet is probably as bad a choice as can be made here.

I used furniture slides. Foam on Teflon button. 3” dia. Foam down with Teflon pad supporting the tank. This provides some give, but prevents condensate on the tank from gathering underneath. Condensate is likely the more frequent source of moisture here than leaks.


Tank had a leak near the fuel intake…three times tested and leaked on 3rd time, so they SAY that’s fixed.
They threw out the old soaked pad THIS time, I asked them to do that the first time. Don’t know what they used under tank…yet.
Thanks guys.

(Greg) #66

No word lately, is your xjs leak free I hope!?


Should know this week…no dye showed up so they are driving the heck out of it to make it leak.
I’ll let you know.