1971 XKE S2 - Clutch Bleeding

(bob) #21

Thanks Tom!

Before I remove the MC, I will pressure bleed from the bottom.
More to come…

(Martin Scherz) #22

I assume ‚no pressure‘ means no pedal pressure? Check if the piston in the SC moves with the pedal (put in a screwdriver). If it moves, check pushrod length and free play. Mine has a 3.75“ SC and a 4“ pushrod set to 1/16“ free play.

(bob) #23

I pressure bled from the bottom today. At 15 pounds, no fluid entered into the clutch fluid reservoir.

I removed the clutch master. The pin moves out very easily. When I push the pin back it, it hits a brick wall and does nothing.

Any suggestions on how to bench test the MC?

Thanks, Bob

(67 OTS S1) #24

I think you just did! I believe that you should be able to put your finger over the outlet and feel pressure when you push the pin in and vaccuum when you let it release.

(bob) #25

Michael, I actually did that, put 2 fingers over the MC inlets. Moving the pin, I felt no pressure.

So, looks like a defective MC…
Thanks, Bob

(67 OTS S1) #26

Try one of the resleevers like white post in VA or I think Apple hydraulics on the West Coast. They will resleeve it and then you never (cross fingers) have to touch it again. I’ve had all my hydraulics done by WP and was very pleased. Actually sent them a brand new slave to be bored and sleeved just to be consistent and on the safe side.